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00:00:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And IIRC another major thing was mentioned in one of Umbra's posts (although I do think that should have waited a while)
00:01:08 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> *a while longer
00:01:47 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> You mean a certain Necrozma-y thing? Whoops, sorry
00:01:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yup
00:02:49 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> post
00:03:14 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I just wanted to set that up (though I'm planning a D!Post about the subject and just need to poke Verax about a thing)
00:04:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Still, better to make sure people are actually okay with mentioning the later-game stuff before actually doing so, even as setup
00:05:00 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> will do so next time
00:05:49 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> (I probably should have just mentioned vanilla Necrozma)
00:06:22 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah
00:15:29 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> I kinda want to go interactions but I fear I'll stumble into yet another semi-flirty conversation with Kai
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00:18:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Now that New Years has passed and we're getting back to plot stuff, I'm keeping the Flirtinessℱ low anyway
00:20:50 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Post
00:21:25 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I read that as the Fitnessℱ and was confused
00:22:15 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> distracted by Zeal's campaign thing
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00:23:43 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> also what the fuck happened to my desktop shortcuts
00:24:23 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Kai isn't particularly fit anymore anyway, there's only so much you can do to work out when your heart is physically damaged :P
00:25:02 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> So yeah, no Fitnessℱ either o3o
00:26:13 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
00:27:58 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Jhotonian Deity of Flirtinessℱ
00:28:12 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> o3o
00:30:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> umbra nyes
00:30:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hacks is ensuring that Silas gets fit
00:30:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No matter how much it kills him
00:32:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> gnhyes
00:33:37 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Pent is unlike me in that he's usually always at a satisfactory level of fitness
00:33:54 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> My issue is exercise rather than diet :c
00:35:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post!
00:35:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan, unlike me, has done a lot of swimming
00:35:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And so probably...has a lot of stamina, according to Google
00:36:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Unfortunately, she did not get far enough to have a bike, I think
00:37:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And I am back! And probably less distracted
00:44:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Diane is absolutely fuckin' ripped. She was kinda disappointed that her human form was so much weaker than her Staraptor form when she first came to the OU, so she was like "fuck that I'm gonna get shredded"
00:44:13 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And then she did
00:44:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pffft
00:44:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amazing
00:45:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Meanwhile with Hacks
00:45:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hacks: ~Patience young one. You must train your mind and your body to achieve sick gains.~ Silas: "Stop talking to me like that or else you are going into the ball."
00:45:46 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> pff
00:46:00 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Amber in human form would be ripped
00:46:12 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Carol is less ripped but def pretty strong
00:46:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> She prefers EVA and space to Earth
00:46:52 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Busy rn, will post in a bit
00:47:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hacks will justify making Silas work out as improving his capbilities as a astronaut
00:47:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas will argue that with the Asimov Engine and Inertial Plating, that getting physically fit isn't as necessary
00:48:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hacks will then proceed to argue that if he wants to keep up with the J-Team (Some of whom have outright super powers or are at a charles atlas) he must get into better shape
00:48:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh yeah, the astronaut exercise stuff
00:48:24 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~So then how shredded is she as a Staraptor by extension?~~
00:49:44 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> So now that we're on Diane we've gone from Flirtinessℱ to Fitnessℱ to Furriesℱ
00:50:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She *is* a flirty fit...
00:50:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Feathered entity?
00:50:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Corvus: I mean, probably about as fit as any other Staraptor, keeping in mind they're physically oriented Pokemon. :P
00:50:53 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Diane: *eats a can of spinach, Popeyes*
00:50:54 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Fair 😛
00:51:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Tangent: o3o
00:51:10 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg: -Is pretty fit-
00:51:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas doesn't have any arguments against keeping up with the J-Team
00:51:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I would expect the survalist to be fit
00:51:44 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> RP!Tangent is probably fitter than me, but to be fair, they've been in a tropical region so far this winter and thus aren't cooped inside 😛
00:52:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Jimmy however
00:52:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Jimmy is fucking jacked
00:53:12 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Rp Daydre is probably more fit than me by necessity
00:53:12 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Of course that's normal for him
00:53:17 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> 5 years military service
00:53:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Skye was fit as a Skarmory. She is very much not fit as a human.
00:53:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Poor Skye
00:53:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> She became human and was like "well shit"
00:53:52 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> F
00:54:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I feel like people in the Pokémon world are probably fitter on average?
00:54:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Probably, yeah.
00:54:25 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> The ones that are traveling trainers, anyway
00:54:47 Tangerine🍊: I mean, even taking care of a Growlithe domestically is probably quite the exercise :P
00:54:53 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> WMG: Alice Amarin had some sort of iron deficiency that passed down to Skye
00:55:03 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> How iron-ic
00:55:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> o3o
00:56:31 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Siobhan is fit because astronaut, MU!Natalie was because criminal and now that's kind of a moot point, AU!Natalie is not terribly, Artoria is relatively, and Mordred is probably jacked.
00:56:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooh
00:56:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Dragonstronaut
00:57:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
00:58:52 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Izshta what about Tanamo ⭐ ?
00:59:10 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Tamamo is definitely not
00:59:16 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I heard tamamo had an 8 pack
00:59:22 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> That tamamo was shredded
00:59:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> 9-pack
00:59:29 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> daydre no
00:59:36 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I have a nerdy ninja and a girl who might have had a mountain climbing hobby, I'll let you draw fitness conclusions about them =p
00:59:36 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Daydre gyhes
00:59:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Nerdy DNinjA
01:00:05 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> pfff
01:00:18 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> aster no
01:00:30 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Or, wait, wait, NerD NinjA
01:00:39 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> owo
01:00:40 Tangerine🍊: How fit is Blitz? :P
01:00:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He's got Mewscles to spare
01:00:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> aster pls
01:00:59 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> lol
01:02:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh, but does the ninja help with fitness?
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01:03:00 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> post
01:03:17 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Alice is definitely fit. Lucius, Liam and Shun probably weigh 200 pounds between them. :P
01:03:22 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> He’s a nyanja
01:03:34 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Lucius is 30 pounds soaking wet we've established this
01:03:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Herbert: rip
01:03:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Except Lucius didn't
01:04:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> JD doesn't count
01:04:08 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> As he has a android body
01:04:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And therefore is already much stronger than everyone else
01:04:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Lucius used to be vaugely (VAUGELY) fit! And then he stopped working out and also died.
01:05:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
01:05:31 2018!ran♂: o/ ∀mon
01:05:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> We don't count characters with Cybernetic strength
01:05:33 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Yeah, being a superhero did help with that
01:05:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hello Silent
01:06:16 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> why uh
01:06:18 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Though that reminds me that Liam is surprisingly stronk, he's just also short and skinny
01:06:32 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I would die for Liam
01:06:38 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> are we turning into bodybuilding.com or something
01:06:42 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> For the Jean-Ome Project:
01:06:52 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Fit: Jean, Jared Gabe
01:07:02 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Not fit: Jackie, Neon
01:07:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Liam's amazing
01:07:22 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Oh, heads up @Venia Silente, there's a post up in Discussion your opinion was being waited on
01:07:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> We're discussing what sick gains our characters have
01:07:23 2018!ran♂: I am told my input was desired for things
01:07:38 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ok...
01:07:46 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Daydre has calves of steel
01:08:53 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Fitness jokes turned into talking about the fitness levels of our PCs
01:09:21 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ah
01:09:38 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Omg and finally back
01:09:46 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> wb!
01:09:53 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> I'm so tired
01:09:56 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> well, my computer runs every day /shot
01:09:56 Tangerine🍊: Ryklys is definitely fit
01:10:06 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Noooot gonna do the raid today
01:10:08 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Maybe tomorrow
01:10:13 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Maybe Thursday
01:10:14 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Does ryklys have an 8 pack
01:10:15 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Not today
01:10:21 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Ryklys has a 12 pack
01:10:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Arthur would have to be my physically strongest character for WAAPT no matter what
01:10:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Neon's best muscle is his MIND
01:10:59 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Ryklys is a swimmer, so naturally she'd be one of the most jacked characters. 😛
01:11:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Of course in his case this is more or less justified by having to fight monstrosities constantly
01:11:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...is Megan jacked?
01:11:23 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> she should be
01:11:26 Tangerine🍊: She is a swimmer and a pirate, yes :P
01:11:31 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> @Zeal is RP!Zeal jacked?
01:11:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well being jacked for Swimmers is a bit difference
01:11:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well being jacked for Swimmers is a bit different last I checked
01:11:53 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> She should look not jacked while clothed but then when she sheds a layer she’s like fucking ripped
01:11:54 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> In that they have greater overall stamina and physical body strength
01:12:04 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Like more ripped than you would expect
01:12:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But compared to people who have to lift anything really heavy, there is a difference
01:12:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> RP!Blitz also doesn't count
01:12:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because RP!Blitz can just shapeshift muscle mass on
01:12:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Metanoia: awesome
01:12:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The cheater
01:12:52 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I mean
01:12:57 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Before he could do that
01:13:24 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> @Aster** I mean, being swol and ripped isn't exactly the ideal body type for a ninja. But you gotta be fairly fit to climb up walls and do acrobatics, etc
01:14:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also let's be thankful there are no PRBs like this: https://i.gyazo.com/fde6569a5a9a45063987fe381ce46797.png
01:14:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Kai: Used to have HOT ABS, not so much anymore because heart problems make working out hard Diane: shredded Skye: scrawny Alyssa: Chubby, but fit (ya gotta be when you live in the wild for most of your life) Vierr: Muscular, insists he's more fit than Diane, definitely isn't. Echo: Scrawny Nerd Rose/Paula: Decently fit Scarlette: More fit than Rose Mason: was a Sick Child and is still not particularly fit, but is working on it Evan: Actually decently athletic
01:15:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob and RP!Verax are very athleticly built, Jacob is more lean and RP!Verax is a bit bulkier
01:15:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Zrone is a robot
01:15:47 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Zrone is a robot
01:15:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Zrone doesn't count
01:15:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cyborg
01:15:54 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> a bara robot
01:15:55 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
01:16:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> -shot-
01:16:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cyborgs are inherently cheaters when it comes to physical strength
01:16:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because if they aren't strong enough
01:16:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Rather than work for it
01:16:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, there's more to fitness than physical strength
01:16:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They can mod their body to be more physically fit
01:17:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You more or less get what I mean though
01:17:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Shapeshifters and people who can literally install better systems don't count
01:18:12 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> =v
01:18:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It's like Anchor Arms
01:18:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But they actually work
01:19:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh noo, how was Mason sick when he was an evil test tube baby
01:19:05 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Zrone: "NOW I'M A JERK AND EVERYBODY LOVES ME!"
01:19:06 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Fighting!Selene is built like a brick wall
01:19:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Aster: Nope! He was sick after *escaping* being an evil test tube baby.
01:19:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
01:19:23 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> As in she can do squats with Pent on her shoulders
01:19:29 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Regular Selene is probably just snuggly tho .3.
01:22:03 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Ann: Scrawny Nerd RP!Tagg: Is that kind of muscular that you don't really notice until he takes off the hoodie
01:22:19 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I _kind of_ headcannon your relative fitness stays somewhat consistant between forms for weremon at least. But like, not in a way that would make a weremon that does a lot of exercising in mon form tougher than a normal human that does normal exercising. And the muscle memory might not translate if pokeform isn't humanoid
01:23:10 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> But I guess that just applies to were-greninja Blitz, lol
01:23:46 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> (He did exercise in both forms though, at least for a time)
01:24:13 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Pent: Just generally fit and focuses on dexterity and speed rather than raw strength Susan: Keeps her figure but doesn't bother too much more than that
01:24:43 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Sorry!
01:26:27 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> ?
01:29:08 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Maggie's probably the fittest of my human chars
01:30:18 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Dune's got good muscle density, Deziree mostly just keeps her figure but is infamous for her "broad" body type, and Ludmilla is slowly regaining muscle after her run-in with malnutrition while in the seed vault
01:30:39 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Heh, point. I have kind of no clue about my mon chars there since I've been writing them even less than my humans T_T
01:31:36 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I figure she probably has a similar build to RP!Tagg since he's the one who trains her
01:31:42 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> My most fit mon character... might be Finn, actually
01:31:47 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Tagg: Yeah, makes sense
01:32:35 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Joe's a skinny stringbean. Munn's quite toned, quite fit, less so than when he fought all the time.. Samantha's probably the fittest of my characters, and takes it seriously. Kirsten's the stronger-than-she-looks sort. Alys is gaunt and tall.
01:33:44 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg and Maggie: -Climb trees for the sake of doing sick pranks-
01:34:31 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> And now I'm remembering Greninja Blitz had a habit of sleeping in trees, lol
01:36:32 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> No Abs: Lucius, Shun Surprise Abs: Alice, Liam
01:36:59 Tangerine🍊: What about Titan?
01:37:17 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Used to have abs, lost them as he got sicker
01:37:36 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Yup, basically
01:37:42 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I interpreted that as the same sense as sick pranks
01:37:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Herb: Are you implying it isn't immediately obvious that Alice is ripped
01:37:56 Tangerine🍊: I suppose it says something about Titan that he didn't try resorting to vampirism as he declined.
01:38:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Indeed
01:38:38 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Bitters: I mean, she wears a suit everywhere, so draw your own conclusions. o3o
01:38:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Imagine Titan sparkling
01:38:57 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> For the Team Iron members: Raines: Abs Previa: Stick Aulstyne: Artificial Orlandeau: Lean Cid: Kinda letting himself go
01:39:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> True, but!
01:39:26 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I'm surprised no one made jokes about Alice and Lucius being a married couple since they both have a similar wardrobe sweaters. 😛
01:39:32 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I'm surprised no one made jokes about Alice and Lucius being a married couple since they both have a similar wardrobe made of sweaters. 😛
01:39:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, we used to joke that they were Obviously Together-Together
01:40:06 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> But then we realized that Alice deserves better. ;P
01:40:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
01:41:21 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I feel bad for Lucius, but he keeps on causing his own problems
01:41:30 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ^
01:41:37 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Clearly at some point Alice and Kai need to bond over Moving Past His Scrawny Ass
01:41:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Obviously
01:41:58 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> granted, I plan on using those problems to get him past his ugly bits
01:42:07 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Tagg: Then I'm doing my job right! ^^
01:42:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I don't feel bad for Lucius
01:42:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Namely because he's making so many dumb decisions
01:43:04 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> I feel bad for Lucius's face in that it is paying for all the bad decisions that his brain is making
01:43:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Say what was Lucius's superhero identity?
01:43:35 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> The aUric aVenger
01:43:48 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> But yeah, everything bad that's happened to him in this arc is the result of his own bad decisions, and they're gonna hurt
01:43:54 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Crow gno
01:44:05 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Crow ghyes
01:44:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You know what would be really amusing to me
01:44:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Pent and the Pen face him
01:44:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> With the Pen pulling a full sans routine on poor Lucy boy
01:44:58 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Oh?
01:45:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I mean the Pen managed to pull Colton into his mindscape
01:45:17 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Right
01:45:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So Pentigan just needs to shadow step close enough, get the Pen to pull Lucius in
01:45:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And boom
01:45:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Punishment time
01:46:02 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Not even outright shadowporting, until Pokesona 2 starts up Pent still has One With Shadows
01:46:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, he's already getting sort of a healthy dose of Punish just by being Shard's lackey
01:46:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And, y'know, by losing all his friends.
01:46:52 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> https://cosmiagramma.tumblr.com/post/169247002552/roachpatrol-madamehardy-dm-treats-her-players
01:47:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> He doesn't really need a mindscape trip to hurt him again :P
01:47:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I say go for it
01:47:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No kill like overkill
01:47:25 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Pen: -Summons a bunch of Gasters around Lucius-
01:47:34 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Time to try to finish ultra moon
01:47:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> We very much do not want to kill Lucius.
01:48:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Oh please
01:48:08 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Nobody dies in the Pen's mindscape
01:48:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Something that frustrates the Pen to no end
01:48:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Still, kinda unnecessary I think
01:48:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Fair
01:48:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Up to Herb
01:48:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also that GM
01:48:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I'm not certain
01:48:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Which DM is worse
01:48:51 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> He can take a ridiculous amount of punishment for a scrawny nerd. o3o
01:49:06 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The Furry DM who would roleplay with a naked fox character... or this kindergarten teacher
01:49:41 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> But yeah, I've got my own idea for how Lucy's gonna end up paying back karma in the long term
01:49:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> If he dies three more times and comes back will he replace straw at the top of yveltal’s shitlist
01:50:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Nah make it like Chiaotzu's deal
01:50:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Where he gets a free Sundae
01:50:35 Tangerine🍊: Herbert: By having pictures of him wearing adorably shaming cardboard signs be shared on social media? :P
01:50:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Nah
01:50:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> By being given a lecturing kindergarten teacher
01:50:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> To tell him why he messed up
01:52:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> These are all very elaborate ideas that I feel like would do little more than detract narratively from the natural course of events, I think
01:52:13 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Probably yes
01:52:19 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Tangent: Dammit, how did you figure out Shard's plan? o3o
01:53:02 TropiusCourier1: <đŸ…±ađŸ…± ChamđŸ…±> O/
01:53:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well yeah
01:53:05 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I ain't serious
01:53:07 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> 😛
01:53:12 TropiusCourier1: <đŸ…±ađŸ…± ChamđŸ…±> Back from Commander
01:53:13 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Fair :P
01:53:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hello my fellow Canadian
01:54:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I hope Lucius is ready for a world of pain
01:54:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> His world is pain
01:55:05 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Maybe Lucy boy's world would not be pain if he was not a idiot
01:55:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But I feel that is asking too much of a walking corpse
01:55:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Alice manages \:P
01:55:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Alice does indeed manage. :P
01:56:14 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Lucius is just Like That
01:56:22 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> He is
01:56:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Wow
01:56:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> He really does fit the Anakin Skywalker role
01:56:46 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Alice: -has her life pretty much in order- Lucius: "Howst the fuck"
01:56:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Nah, he's more the Kylo Ren role
01:57:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She puts her affairs in order well
01:57:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> You're usually supposed to get it all out of the way before you die, but well.
01:58:09 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Lucius: "The scroll of truth! I've finally found it!" The scroll of truth: "Communication is key" Lucius: "Nyeh!"
01:58:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pffft
01:58:20 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Titan: "Lucius, come back to the J-Team." Lucius: -Stabs him-
01:58:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
01:58:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...oh my *god*
01:58:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Bitters
01:58:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The *irony*
01:58:43 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Titan: "... I'm dead, you idiot."
01:58:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I already perfectly described Lucius
01:58:48 Tangerine🍊: Alright, D!Post from me on a topic I've alluded to a little
01:59:03 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> It was obviously an umbrate coated knife. 😛
01:59:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> > "RP!Tagg: Team Iron is Evil! Lucius: From my point of view the J-Team is evil! RP!Tagg: THEN YOU ARE LOST!"
01:59:25 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> ...I just realised that Lillifuture!Lucius basically went full Kylo Ren
01:59:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
01:59:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> No, see, he's Kylo Ren because he *thinks* he's Anakin Skywalker
01:59:46 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> He even went around killing his old friends
01:59:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Even though that line fits perfectly?
01:59:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, it does
02:00:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...come Episode 10, time travel plot?
02:00:05 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> The other version of Lillie’s theme is cute
02:00:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And are you telling me he's gonna [SPOILERS] the [SPOILERS], and proceed to [OH MY GOD SPOILERS]?
02:01:09 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Ah yes, the Great and Noble House of ~~[[strike:Black]]~~ Macraul. 😛
02:01:29 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
02:01:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "From what I understand... my mother's family was once Blueblood"
02:02:07 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Sarah Grant: "Only up to Delilah Paige. After that."
02:02:07 Tangerine🍊: The greatest! The noblest! You can tell because they say so.
02:02:51 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Hm... Yo, people up for postings?
02:02:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I've got a lot planned for how intracite the Grant/Paige family is
02:03:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I'll try to continue Guardians soon
02:03:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Me working out the entirety of Silas's weird family and their various histories: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/524/tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_1280.jpg
02:03:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Wait
02:03:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That's just me in general plotting anything
02:04:30 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> same
02:04:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> relatable
02:04:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I'm very relatable
02:05:15 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I have like six or seven different final boss battles potentially planned out for a D&D campaign depending on who ends up with a specific macguffin.
02:05:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> As I'm currently just a constant ball of stress that just keeps smiling and trying to have a good time to avoid a total breakdown in the face of everything while trying to balance life
02:05:39 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Post
02:06:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hey Tangent how would they feel about other aristocratic families or family lines that were former aristocrats?
02:10:39 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> ?
02:10:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hey Dogs
02:11:29 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> I see your post Tangent and I respond! D!POST
02:11:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> D!Posted
02:12:59 Tangerine🍊: Other families they'd like to feel respected by, though they don't truly respect anybody else in turn. Former-aristocrats they would dismiss as "little people".
02:13:34 Tangerine🍊: (I'm up for chatting the bullet points in here if anyone else is)
02:14:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Oh I'm totally down for that
02:14:40 2018!ran♂: I'm reading the thing about Vampires-in-General in Discussion to see what vibe I get
02:14:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So the Paige family would not be respected by them
02:14:51 Tangerine🍊: Also, the family is light-skinned and green-haired, such that Lawrence III could plausibly be a member.
02:15:14 Tangerine🍊: But probably won't make that text.
02:15:40 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> !
02:15:47 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Green hair?
02:16:06 Tangerine🍊: It's PokĂ©mon, that's a natural color :P
02:16:43 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> I know! It's just that I have a certain Kalosian rich girl with green hair 😛
02:16:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> theory: ghetsis and n are descendants of a branch that got ousted from the macraul family
02:16:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Does reading/writing (if applicable with dexterity) comes with the naturally understanding humans?
02:17:31 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Literacy is something you've gotta learn
02:17:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
02:17:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Indeed
02:17:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That said!
02:17:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Neat!
02:18:07 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> If you were literate in PMD written monese, you will be literate in [corresponding human language]
02:18:27 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Like, most of RP!Tagg's mons he taught literacy
02:18:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And vice versa
02:18:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> *usually*
02:19:06 Tangerine🍊: 32bit: I mean, Ghetsis probably wouldn't be kicked out :P
02:19:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> True!
02:19:15 Tangerine🍊: N totally would have.
02:19:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> :(
02:19:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Well That Settles It I Must Throw Hands With Them
02:19:54 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> So what's the general vibe of these people? Ineffectual or more sinister?
02:20:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Post
02:20:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Bitters: ooh at the language
02:20:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I get the feeling they're closer to the sinister side, but usually self-contained sinisterness
02:20:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> We get to see the Fire!Blight at last
02:20:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> *Usually*
02:20:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It is very different
02:20:57 Tangerine🍊: Sinister enough to fuel more than one subplot, but not grandiose enough to be Arc Villains
02:21:16 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Right!
02:21:21 Tangerine🍊: Is my target at least
02:21:37 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Oh gosh, I need to make a Macraul
02:21:53 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> I need a decent villain that's not Mathilde who does nothing. >_<
02:21:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "You know it's aristocrats like that, that give us Kalosians a bad name."
02:22:37 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> I'm very sorry about that Psyche!
02:22:51 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Maybe we should try the NI thing again, or maybe put them apart, or against each other
02:22:51 Tangerine🍊: One bit of fluff I'm considering, to Psyche and anyone else interested:
02:23:22 Tangerine🍊: Despite their preference to avoid spreading the wealth across a large family, twins and triplets tend to run in the family
02:23:31 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Innnnnteresting.
02:23:41 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> welp
02:23:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: -Starts laughing at them-
02:23:54 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ooooooh
02:24:12 Tangerine🍊: Twins are somewhat tolerated, but at least one of a set of triplets is likely to be thrown out by the time they hit 18
02:24:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Zeke: "You know I wouldn't send them into space if they paid for the goddamn moon itself."
02:24:23 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Hmm... I have always wanted to write for Creepy Twins
02:24:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I am very much considering an eventual set of twins, then, if I can figure out interesting enough, but separate enough, personalities
02:25:20 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> Is Macraul an actual French name/
02:25:22 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> ?
02:25:30 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> The character idea that immediately popped into my mind was a pair of twins that were constantly creepily half-smiling and wear blue dress gloves and suits.
02:25:35 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> WMG: Sylvia and Simone are distant relatives of the Macrauls
02:25:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Izzy: Two by Two beware the hands of blue
02:25:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Exactly!
02:25:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Psyche: YES
02:26:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well great Izzy
02:26:16 Tangerine🍊: Macraul is a name Every suggested because she thought they sounded like hoarding dragons and dragons are lizards and lizards crawl so Macraul
02:26:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Now you have made me want to send them to space
02:26:28 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> already has a couple of people who fill the creepy Kalos niche
02:26:30 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Tangent: amazing
02:26:33 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> If I didn't already have a last name for them, I would say they are main branch
02:26:35 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> So I might have one or two of 'em
02:26:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That's some Bat Deduction Level there
02:26:51 2018!ran♂: Tangerine🍊: I was just to ask about that :p
02:27:15 Tangerine🍊: :P
02:27:45 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> While we're talking about evil Kalosians what should I do with Alys? Should she just kinda fade away?
02:28:54 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I feel like the whole time RP!Tagg is going, "Please don't think I'm weird, please don't think I'm weird, please don't think I'm weird"
02:29:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh no
02:29:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You know if RP!Tagg had met Silas about 2 years ago
02:29:25 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas would have def thought
02:29:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> "You know this is all pretty weird"
02:29:34 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> post
02:29:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Especially if he had met him before meeting Blitz
02:29:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> BUT AFTERWARDS
02:29:57 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas would go "Honestly you seem pretty normal."
02:30:25 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Actually, I'm going to say that Simone and Sylvia's mom was a Macraul, and kept her last name, but the kids took their dad's last name because she's a bitch.
02:30:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Understandable.
02:31:14 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> hm, i don't think my char gives enough of a shit to think very poorly of anyone
02:31:17 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> That being said, Sylvia really isn't any better.
02:31:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas was taught that no matter what you think of people
02:31:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Be at least polite
02:32:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> He has no reason to dislike RP!Tagg, or any of the J-Team
02:32:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Lucy boy is a exception
02:33:57 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Fair
02:34:00 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Everyone's got some reason to dislike Lucius, and if they don't, he'll happily give them one. o3o
02:34:20 Tangerine🍊: Scarlette likes him o3o
02:34:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ziltoid would probably find him hilarious
02:34:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Then find out he's a walking corpse
02:34:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ziltoid: ~Okay I gotta learn how!~
02:34:57 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> now that i think of it
02:35:08 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> channah's first and only impression of lucius was him ranting at a j-team meeting
02:35:27 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> or something, can't remember very well
02:35:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Natalie has no reason to dislike Lucius!
02:35:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Scarlette does indeed appreciate Lucius!
02:36:05 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Actually Ziltoid would probably dislike Lucius once he found out what kind of coffee he likes
02:36:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ziltoid: ~probably the wrong kind~
02:36:12 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> lol
02:36:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Hey, so is there anything going on in Lavender town. I kinda want my character to go there for information gathering... and possibley an adorably psychotic cubone 😅
02:37:04 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Izzy: "Can I call you Nat?" o3o
02:37:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Fair
02:37:23 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Psyche thinks her cousin is a fuckening dumb ass and needs to stop being a fuckening dumbass
02:37:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Olympian: Unfortunately, everyone is either in Celadon, or another region
02:37:53 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> But yes, I do appreciate how pure the Scarlette/Lucius friendship is
02:38:05 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Hey, that sounds like my cousin
02:38:23 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Even if it arises from the most unwholesome circumstances :P
02:38:36 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Herb: Yes! They're good friends and they both fucking *need* good friends
02:38:40 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
02:38:42 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Kay, thanks 32bit
02:38:52 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> "You hate the J-Team? What a coincidence! I also hate the J-Team!"
02:39:22 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Is your avtar monika?
02:39:32 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Is your avitar monika?
02:39:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Just Monika
02:39:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Monika?
02:39:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0RA_LZC0Jgembed: a little bit of monika - seizure + body horror + spoilers for doki doki literature club warning A little bit of Monika in my life A little bit of NaMÖnÏkÄ by my side A little bit of ... - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0RA_LZC0Jg
02:39:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> oh my god i love that video
02:40:05 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Well I just opened a can of worms didn't I
02:40:09 Tangerine🍊: (btw are there any particularly good tools for collaborating on family tree diagrams? Does Google Docs have a Powerpointy thing?)
02:40:23 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg and Scarlette: -Are Lucius' only friends left after everything's said and done-
02:40:23 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Google slides!
02:40:45 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Isn't Monika the cutest? :3
02:41:03 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> ...no
02:41:20 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> pretty sure she's psychotic
02:41:20 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> She Absolutely Is The Cutest
02:41:26 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> YIouu're uob,jectiyy wrong
02:41:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Psyche have you been overwritten by Monika?
02:41:42 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> If I could romance Monika straight off and avoid the rest of the horror then fine.
02:41:45 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Tagg: Aaawwww
02:41:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Psyche I don't know if that was intentional or your keyboard fucking up again but I am scared
02:41:47 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ... psyche have you been posessed by an eldritch horror
02:41:53 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i feel like there would still be horror
02:42:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also a few in Rossum would like Lucius
02:42:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Namely for scientific study
02:42:33 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> You're objectively wrong was what I tried to type, but my keyboard fucked up at the best moment
02:42:44 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> One Two Three four five
02:42:47 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amaze
02:42:48 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> O.O ok
02:43:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Doesn't Monika get the other girls to commit suicide?
02:43:21 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> yes
02:43:25 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Spoilers, my dude
02:43:36 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Diane: -decks Lucius- We were supposed to be drinking buddies!
02:43:40 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> sorry
02:43:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Nah it is me
02:43:52 Tangerine🍊: Lucius: "I am the BEST drinking buddy!"
02:44:02 Tangerine🍊: "How many reasons to drink have I given you just thi sweek?!"
02:44:08 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Okay so holy shit we were scheduled to have a storm here but HOLY SHIT it just made the most horrifying noise
02:44:15 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> fuck
02:44:16 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> "...Touche!"
02:44:18 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> :?
02:44:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Welp
02:44:20 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> welp
02:44:22 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> https://youtu.be/EK_LN3XEcnwembed: Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...) (Official Video) - Lou Bega's official music video for 'Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of.)'. Click to listen to Lou Bega on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LouBegaSpotify?IQid=LBegaM5 ... - https://youtu.be/EK_LN3XEcnw
02:44:26 Tangerine🍊: Type of noise?
02:44:27 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> F
02:44:29 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> tangent yes
02:44:39 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Run it's Monika
02:44:41 Tangerine🍊: Like a crack or a whistle or a?
02:44:55 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Post where why not
02:45:18 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> If it sounded like a human scream that was me, sorry
02:45:28 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> daydre what
02:45:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> daydre you fantastic creature *what the fuck*
02:45:52 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Tangent: Basically! Also it was like a 15-second whistle that sounded like the shrieks of the dammed from L4D
02:46:27 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Daydre: Don't worry, I know no human could make that noise
02:46:55 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I got ice cream
02:47:04 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i am about to get ice cream
02:47:18 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> and heat up some caramel for it and PREFERABLY NOT BURN MY FUCKING FINGER AGAIN
02:47:25 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> i should get ice cream
02:47:44 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ~~Watch, the thumb gets burnt this time~~
02:47:44 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> 🍩
02:47:48 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Bitty: good idea
02:47:50 Tangerine🍊: Hmmm
02:47:53 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I wish you luck in that endeavor!
02:47:54 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Srsly pls don't get burnt
02:47:57 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Did you scream in your ice cream, bittie
02:47:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> the thumb is a finger!
02:48:08 Tangerine🍊: I have tubs of chocolate-chip-cookie-dough, or cookies-and-cream
02:48:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I did not! Because I was not immediately next to my ice cream when I screamed.
02:48:34 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Oh no!
02:49:57 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Post where get going, lads!
02:50:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also can confirm
02:50:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> is wondering when to send out the call for the Alli rescue mission
02:50:31 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> i'm letting some sea-salt carmel thaw in the fridge
02:50:34 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The Ice Blight sounds like fucking Batman and Robin Mr Freeze
02:50:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So not only is he constantly making puns
02:50:50 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Saying incredibly ominous things and ending them with the winking emoji is my favorite pastime 😉
02:51:12 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Oh let me try
02:51:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This year 😉
02:51:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Actually I think I could probably send out the heads-up now and have a "we can meet up in a few days to set off" in it
02:51:48 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour good idea!
02:52:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> It's not like anything will go wrong on the trip. 😉
02:52:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> wink wonk
02:52:37 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> That wasn’t ominous enough silence :wnk:
02:52:49 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> That wasn’t ominous enough silence 😉
02:53:03 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I figure he probably does sense the apathy, but since RP!Tagg's empathic sense isn't the same as mindreading he's second guessing what exactly it's supposed to mean.
02:53:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Umbra: The portal was in/near Lostlorn Forest, right?
02:53:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> indeedy it was
02:53:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> All righty then~
02:54:53 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg's path to enlightenment still isn't the whole way through yet
02:56:02 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Post
02:57:10 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ***DR. MOBIUS!***: <I HAVE AN EYE FOR FURNITURE!> Amazing
02:57:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
02:57:43 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I forget, what are Dr Mobius' thoughts on the Mobius Society using his name?
02:57:54 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Post
02:58:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ***DR. MOBIUS*** is the best
02:58:17 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> "The Doctors of Mobius cannot stand up to Doctor Mobius!"
02:58:19 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
02:58:23 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> :3
02:58:26 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> "The Doctors of Mobius cannot stand up to THE Doctor Mobius!"
02:58:57 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> post
02:59:41 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
03:00:08 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Post
03:00:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Dr.Mobius & Mr.hyde?
03:02:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> totem mimikyu get!
03:03:16 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> now what do i name him
03:03:29 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Sackbutt
03:03:34 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Mimicute
03:03:45 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Get ripper
03:03:52 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Spooky
03:03:54 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Monike.
03:03:59 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Monika.
03:04:07 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Just Monika
03:04:22 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Or Yuri.
03:04:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Maybe sayori?
03:04:43 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> NO.
03:04:45 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> They could hang out
03:04:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Wait what happened?
03:04:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I started playing IW
03:05:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Post in which the call
03:06:12 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> still distracted by Zeal's thing, will post after
03:09:06 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Hmmmmm who to send to look for Alli
03:12:56 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i keep trying to highlight tangent's sig even though i already know whats there why am i like this
03:13:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> relatale
03:14:00 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post! @Blitz Train @OlympianSoul
03:14:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I think
03:14:03 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> yo olympic
03:14:10 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> what gender is the murkrow
03:14:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I solve that problem with the Stylish addon on Chrome, and making it so any text tagged "white" has a purple highlight around it~
03:14:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ohh
03:14:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
03:15:04 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I just copy/paste ^_^;
03:15:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I'm just a filthy cheater o3o
03:15:24 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> O
03:15:31 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> :D
03:15:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> :O
03:15:37 Tangerine🍊: You're not a cheater, you're just automating your workflow :P
03:15:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> True!
03:15:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It seems significantly more efficient!
03:16:39 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> whitetext is slightly offwhite on my screen so i can tell it's there, just not what it says
03:16:48 everydunsparce has joined the room
03:16:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> It's slightly offwhite naturally
03:17:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> It used to be perfectly masked, though
03:17:23 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Holy fuck it's already 10:17 PM
03:17:34 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> it is
03:18:00 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Indeed
03:18:34 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> @Metanoia I was writing it as male, but I'll leave it up to you.
03:18:41 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> gotcha
03:18:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I must say nay! By the evidence of mine own eyes, it is only 9:18! Explain thyself, bard!
03:19:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Accursed timezones!
03:19:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ALAS! Wretched scourge!
03:19:44 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> "She's a psychic who had to knife fight with Sneasel for food before we found her." "Nope, nevermind! I can get the futon!"
03:21:02 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> WHO WOULD WIN >Vicious kamaitachi with darkness and ice powers >Small psychic child with butter knife
03:21:28 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Moneys on the kid
03:21:33 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I pick C: >A chair
03:21:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Crewe: "Sneasel, duh"
03:21:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> XD
03:21:53 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Post where reassurances
03:22:41 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Also I should probably sleep because work in morning
03:22:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww Alice
03:22:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> What disrepute is your name tied up in?
03:23:04 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good night!
03:23:04 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> well i just saw a commercial for headphones that used kagepro characters, so thats surreal
03:23:43 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> welp
03:23:50 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ....Huh
03:26:59 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> @Aster** post inwhich a misdruves has tummy trouble
03:27:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh noooo Morrigan
03:28:13 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Well she did eat an entire box of super sugar cereal
03:28:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I saw! I was concerned
03:29:20 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> kids đŸ€·
03:30:38 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Why would a Misdreavus need to eat? After all, when it comes to crazy things, it doesn't effect Misdreavus.
03:30:58 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Why would a Misdreavus need to eat? After all, when it comes to crazy things, it doesn't affect Misdreavus.
03:31:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Steel-types are the ones with the really metal immune/digestive systems
03:31:31 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> She likes super sugar cereal,
03:31:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And, if you go by Pokémon Refresh/etc., everything can eat.
03:31:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Everything.
03:31:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> -eyes Magnezone, which has no mouth or biological innards
03:32:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Except Shedinja! I think.
03:32:07 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Yep.
03:32:09 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> She likes super sugar cereal
03:32:13 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> And Cosmoem.
03:32:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh really?
03:32:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Wow that's really neat
03:32:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I know everything can be pet except for Slugma
03:32:30 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...
03:32:32 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> And Regice.
03:32:34 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Poor slugma
03:32:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yes
03:33:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/comic/520-confuseray/
03:33:19 everydunsparce has left the room
03:33:33 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Ha, pokemon logic
03:33:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Wait, that didn't link to the right one
03:33:55 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Still, ha
03:33:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/comic/519-pokemonamie/
03:34:03 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> im pretty sure you cant feed spewpa either?
03:35:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh huh
03:36:06 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> the pokemon world is both confusing, and dangerous... let's send out 10-15 year olds to exsplore it
03:36:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Obv
03:36:40 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Brilliant.
03:36:43 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ~~It's all a police state under the professors~~
03:36:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> To be fair, all of the wildlife near human civilization is typically extremely friendly
03:36:54 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> This is true
03:36:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And magic
03:37:11 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> And deadly 😄
03:37:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But friendly'
03:37:23 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> With exceptions.
03:37:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> !
03:37:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> So deadly to others!
03:37:59 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Caterpees a killer
03:38:13 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Post
03:38:15 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I was thinking Fearow.
03:38:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Birds are scary
03:38:27 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And buff
03:39:12 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> And I mean, most pokemon routes are fairly well traveled I think? So if a kid did get into trouble chances are there's help nearby, at least on the main trails
03:41:04 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Ture... but what if they run into a haunter?
03:41:28 2018!ran♂: Given that am very tired, I'm gonna go sleep soon. Regarding vampires, I'll D!post about that tomorrow when I'm more rested.
03:41:44 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> True... but what if they run into a haunter?
03:41:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Most of their usual haunts are spooky enough to avoid, I think!
03:41:57 Tangerine🍊: Started a doc for family tree, I guess? https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hdBQxM40lHGmdhVuxQzWF30GOuICe98EHTR1wfpZc80/edit?usp=sharing
03:42:08 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Post where nomming
03:42:13 2018!ran♂: That said for the moment I can tl;dr as: 0) agree with logical extension of concept 1) does it have to be Aura-related? 2) agree with no thralls and no lame Twilight 3) agree with Jojoposing and 4) what happens to victims? and 5) given the description so far is it correct to guess that they would be Fair Gameℱ / not protected by The Vow's terms?
03:42:48 2018!ran♂: Since, depending on the answer to 1) and 4), they would count as Manslayers.
03:42:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But yeah, the potential danger of the wild mons and the strength of the trainers seem to correlate? Like there's a spot where Trainers usually start and a route/sequence they usually take to avoid those issues
03:43:05 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Twilight sucks
03:44:08 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> 1) I belive the intention is that they are basically Aurics dependant on aura drain to live 4) similar side effects to other aura drain, presumably (up to a possible 'turning' of sorts for other Aurics) 5) Possibly
03:44:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> For 1 at least, it's specifically an extension
03:44:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> of
03:44:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> fuck hold on
03:44:39 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah
03:44:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> keyboard
03:44:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> OKAY LET'S START AGAIN
03:44:49 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> True, it seems like for most small towns only have to deal with the low level com mons, and mountains seem and citys contain the stronger ones
03:45:00 2018!ran♂: :p
03:45:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yep! And those are the later stops in a typical Pokémon journey
03:46:41 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Although, the towns might have to worry about the occasional salamance attack.
03:46:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> previously demonstrated vampiric things (at least from the perspective of the proposal) have been essentially an evolution of the move Drain Punch, which is almost definitely Aura-related. Presumably the same thing could happen via Leech Life or other draining moves, for Pokemon-specific cases.
03:46:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And I think there's a whole thing about it with the Vow
03:47:07 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> (quick mod note, while there is a place for constructive critique of books/movies, it is not this channel, and in general Twilight bashing doesn't contribute to the conversation and is not desired on this server. Back to you, Tim)
03:47:24 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Do you have to be bit by a crobat?
03:47:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> At least IRP, I think that sort of thing likely turns Vow-aligned mons against the mon that did it
03:48:10 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Vow Breakers?
03:48:21 2018!ran♂: I'm mostly concerned with Feature Creep of Aura
03:48:27 2018!ran♂: but that's more for tomorrow
03:48:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, it's not going to be any more Feature Creep than it already is.
03:48:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> People in this RP like Aura stuff.
03:49:01 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Venia Silente you mean Aura getting more new toys than it needs?
03:49:17 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Venia Silente you mean Aura Spectrum getting more new toys than it needs?
03:49:26 2018!ran♂: Yeah, and stuff having to rely on it to be found to be interesting / of use / etc
03:49:46 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I definitely don't think that's a concern
03:49:49 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> yeah
03:51:30 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Alright, just gotta design Oberon's primary Persona(s) and I'm done.
03:53:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> There's plenty of Pokemon-specific stuff to be interested in for someone who doesn't want anything to do with the Aura side of things, and there's plenty that those of us who *do* have interest in the Aura stuff still get invested in that have nothing to do with it.
03:54:58 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> That whole mention of Vow Breakers makes me wonder if they're a sort of established thing, and makes me curious where Colt's Lucario lies - he captured his own trainer, for reference.
03:56:06 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> post that took too long
03:56:13 Tangerine🍊: I don't think that counts as a particularly severe infraction given Colt seems to not be offended by it :P
03:56:22 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> And Aura was an extension of a Pokemon thing anyway
03:56:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yeah
03:56:31 Tangerine🍊: There was that one Marowak that killed humans and was executed by his tribe
03:56:38 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> eeep
03:56:44 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> i remember him
03:56:50 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Yipe.
03:56:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yeeep
03:57:10 2018!ran♂: Thanks for the memories~
03:57:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Idle thought: as far as Literal Vampire Pokemon go, Vo might actually be one
03:57:15 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Eh, Greninja!Blitz got caught by a lucario turned human (with consent and in a life threatening situation). And it's not like he tried to enslave his trainer to pay him back for being a trained mon or something
03:57:17 Tangerine🍊: The only time Trial By Bonemerang ever came up as Death
03:57:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Boned to death
03:57:30 Tangerine🍊: no
03:57:32 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Eh, Greninja!Blitz got caught by a lucario turned human (with consent and in a life threatening situation). And it's not like Colt's tried to enslave his trainer to pay him back for being a trained mon or something
03:57:34 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> ~~giggity~~
03:57:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> aster
03:57:57 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> what the fuck do i name this murkrow
03:58:00 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> @Metanoia 👍
03:58:09 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i thought i might've had ideas but idk
03:58:17 2018!ran♂: 32bit: Noted, basically. That's why I bring up that kind of things yeah.
03:58:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...i was going for a play on "stoned"
03:58:25 2018!ran♂: Still, would in general terms advise to keep an eye on Feature Creep in the future.
03:58:32 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> What would you name a murkrow in the game
03:58:35 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> didn't really work, aster
03:58:41 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Zusak?
03:58:47 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> well it depends
03:58:52 2018!ran♂: @OlympianSoul: "birb"
03:58:53 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Venia Silente Noted
03:59:10 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Silent: It feels to me like the doc as currently written mainly just codifies ways an existing mechanic can Go Horribly Wrong
03:59:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I know it didn't
03:59:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, for the Murkrow, "Canny"
03:59:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yeah, mostly what Tangent said
03:59:23 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i'm used to following naming schemes that i choose beforehand, but this guy doesn't really have a set naming scheme
03:59:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ?
03:59:30 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Canny?
03:59:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Okay I am done with Infinite Warfare for tonight
03:59:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That's actually an excellent way of putting it
03:59:34 2018!ran♂: Also, random thought that I got bounced off from a satellite while reading the D!post:
03:59:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> What have I missed?
03:59:37 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah, what Tangent said
03:59:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Because crows are canny!
03:59:45 2018!ran♂: Infinite Energy-based beauty treatments
03:59:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> excuse
03:59:52 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Do you like it?
03:59:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Oh god no
04:00:10 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And for the Murkrow, "Canny"
04:00:13 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> That's like evil take-over-the-world corporation level shit
04:00:16 Tangerine🍊: Team Flare's new profit-making venture, Team Flair!
04:00:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Because crows are canny!
04:00:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And also the cannibalism thing
04:00:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Thank you Silent
04:00:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
04:00:39 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> 👀
04:00:41 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> A weremon/vampauras war is a thing.
04:00:43 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> hmmmm
04:00:48 Tangerine🍊: Try our new Soylent Green hair dye!
04:00:51 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Oh, yeah forgot I wrote that into it's murders culture
04:01:02 2018!ran♂: Tangerine🍊: ....no .____.
04:01:04 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> it feels a little on the nose
04:01:14 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> How about Jeffrey 😄
04:01:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> How do you feel about me writing a fic with a Infinite Energy Frankenstein Silent?
04:01:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Metanoia: Fair \:P
04:01:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Actually, yeah, I do think Vo is going to be an Actual Vampire Deltasparce if/when this idea gets cleared 100%
04:01:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
04:01:41 2018!ran♂: Like in what sense?
04:01:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Staff of Hunger
04:01:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Body parts stuck together in the 1800s
04:01:53 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Donner?
04:01:55 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Animated with Pokemon power
04:01:57 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ehhhhh
04:02:01 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Well let's see, it's not very smart, likes to eat money, and tends to peck random things
04:02:14 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> and yes
04:02:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The name of that chicken from Moana?
04:02:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The result is a hulking brute
04:02:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That just wants to train with Pokemon
04:02:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Vo is a Grass-type Delta Dunsparce with access to a number of drain moves
04:02:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And do philosophy
04:02:32 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> That's actaully what I was basing it off of
04:02:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ohh
04:02:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But his "dad" won't let him because holy crap he made a monster
04:02:41 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Aster** I already have one
04:02:43 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i haven't seen moana
04:02:46 2018!ran♂: It would be weird in the least, though far more because body parts than anything else
04:02:50 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> man, this is hard
04:02:51 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> but it's a Torchic so
04:02:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Umbra: oh whoops
04:03:01 2018!ran♂: "Your ears don't match" "Raaaaaaargh"
04:03:05 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> How about Plucks?
04:03:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I assure you
04:03:12 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> As Tangent said, the vampirism thing could essentially be Vo getting a bit too dependent on his draining moves
04:03:15 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> This guy Plucks
04:03:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> A plucky name for a plucky bird!
04:03:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Despite looking like Frankenstein Modern
04:03:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> and Going Horribly Wrong
04:03:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This Frankenstein is classic
04:03:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aka
04:03:26 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I'll put that on the list, i guess
04:03:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Very well spoken and smart
04:03:46 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Clucker?
04:03:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Sven
04:04:08 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Pip?
04:04:13 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
04:04:32 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Pip might be okay
04:04:44 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> I need to grab dinner and head home because work tomorrow
04:04:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I am full of bad ideasℱ
04:04:48 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Night-o
04:04:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Later Dune
04:04:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> OK COMPOSTING
04:04:58 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Kay, night Dune
04:04:59 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Oh fuck
04:05:09 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I just looked up cannibal incidents on wikipedia
04:05:11 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Great name for a murkrow
04:05:13 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> "Liver-Eating Johnson reportedly ate the livers of Crow warriors he had previously slain."
04:05:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww, like Pippy!
04:05:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Why
04:05:20 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> wheeze
04:06:16 2018!ran♂: "Your ears don't match" "Well excuse me sir, but the current socioeconomical landscape of the region and its adjacent territories did not allow back then for a secure investment in the venues of body construction, let alone grasping the human resources and operators needed to perform such delicate operations. And let me tell you, with the turn of Kalos to Neo-Liberalism the performance ratio of new surgeons and kinesiologists coming out of the local universities is going to plummet."
04:06:24 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> You should probably delet your history
04:06:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> oh my god
04:06:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silent that is amazing
04:07:00 2018!ran♂: It's what happens when I am sleep-deprived, ask Tangent :p
04:07:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But I got a lot of ideas
04:07:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> A LOT OF THEM\
04:07:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Such as ideas FOR THE FUTURE
04:07:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And as always
04:07:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They are Bad Ideas With Silenceℱ
04:07:50 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> also, silent yes
04:07:52 2018!ran♂: Almost read that as Bad Ideas With Science :p
04:07:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> pfff
04:08:00 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> man theres some gross stuff on this page
04:08:01 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Sleep deprivition is always entertaining! 😄
04:08:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> That's PEFEry
04:08:06 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well most of them are Sciency ideas
04:08:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cause I love Scifi
04:08:10 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> stop looking at it
04:08:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I know what Metanoia is going through
04:08:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @CorvusAtrox you ever reply on the AU end?
04:08:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You look at gross stuff
04:08:34 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And then you get stuck
04:08:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because you can't look away
04:08:46 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Still need to
04:08:47 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> WHY?
04:08:52 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> It’s only 8 where I am, but I think I’m gonna pass out for the night.
04:09:02 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> "The remaining body parts were then sold to a local pie and kebab house."
04:09:12 Tangerine🍊: Alright, rest well Coder
04:09:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> But yeah, to help alleviate the "is this just for humans" concern, Silent, I'm going to propose that Vo is one and that anyone with a dependence on a draining move could possibly end up like that :P
04:09:23 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Kay, night Coder
04:09:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> night Coder
04:09:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I kinda wanna make a move called Railgun
04:09:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So that way Rex actually can use a railgun
04:09:47 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Also, WTF
04:10:14 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> yeah wikipedia's a dead end
04:10:26 2018!ran♂: Would be interesting to see the general discussion on that Bit. The idea of taking a harder look at overreliance of moves with a more "out-of-battle" perspective is also a good one
04:10:27 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> ...How about Sweeny?
04:10:42 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> You know, like Sweeny Todd
04:11:08 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Indeed
04:11:21 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I dunno, Sweeny Todd reminds me of this painfully edgy kid in high school
04:11:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post! @OlympianSoul @Blitz Train
04:11:42 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Yeah
04:11:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I mean
04:11:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You could just do what I do
04:11:55 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Look at effective but odd medical practices
04:11:59 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It's scientific and educational
04:12:01 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But also gross
04:12:13 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Gods I wish I was the edgy kid in highschool
04:12:21 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i guess it depends on how far i'm willing to go for one murkrow
04:12:34 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> brb
04:12:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> See you later!
04:12:43 2018!ran♂: Okay, before I actually go to bed, also:
04:12:57 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Oh, okay Aster, night
04:13:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh, that was to Metanoia
04:13:07 2018!ran♂: I like the idea of those silly Kalos nobles
04:13:24 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
04:13:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> They seem interesting
04:13:45 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Sorry
04:13:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh no! No problem
04:13:57 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> See you in a bit Meta
04:14:49 StarSketch has left the room
04:15:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour you forgot to reply to Zumi
04:15:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Oh, whoops
04:15:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I'm writing a D!Post, but will respond to Zumi afterward
04:15:55 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ok
04:16:10 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Post
04:18:48 Mezzopiano has joined the room
04:19:10 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> post, in which Homer is a bit of a smartass
04:19:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
04:20:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Funnily enough, she's about the third least likely mon on the team to do that
04:20:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And poor Morrigan
04:20:42 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> She'll get better... hopefully
04:20:56 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> She's like a toddler right now
04:21:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww
04:22:19 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Yep, so Homer might want to limit her sugar intake
04:24:40 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> http://conflictedpsyches.tumblr.com/post/169251316114/hexmaniacmareen-wizardtwins-i-think-its i couldnt read this whole thing and not hink of waapt jacob
04:24:47 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> http://conflictedpsyches.tumblr.com/post/169251316114/hexmaniacmareen-wizardtwins-i-think-its i couldnt read this whole thing and not think of waapt jacobembed: - hexmaniacmareen: “ wizardtwins: “ i think its funny that after you give blood, they keep calling you every once in a while to ask if you want to give more blood and i get it, blood is important and in... - http://conflictedpsyches.tumblr.com/post/169251316114/hexmaniacmareen-wizardtwins-i-think-its
04:25:04 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> D!Post in which suggestions
04:25:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
04:25:38 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> daydre why
04:25:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> In more Bad Ideas With Silenceℱ
04:25:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> it says jacob
04:25:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> adsghakgfadsk
04:26:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Jacob: "WHY ME???"
04:26:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I'm thinking somewhere along the future (say about 200-300 years) the Solar system still isn't really part of the galactic community
04:26:11 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Well... at least you get a coocie after
04:26:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But humanity has colonized the solar system with the help of mons
04:26:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And now everyone is fighting over it
04:26:33 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> Back from long overnap (again).
04:26:34 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Well... at least you get a cookie after
04:26:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi, Mezzo!
04:29:58 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> How'd you sleep
04:30:32 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> back
04:30:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welcome back!
04:30:52 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Welcome back!
04:31:08 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hello Mezzo
04:31:12 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Wad up
04:31:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You made it in time for bad ideas with Silenceℱ
04:31:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Izshta @CorvusAtrox @SwiftSeraph @Silence post
04:32:05 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> You can trade mark silence?
04:32:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No the name of my show is called "Bad Ideas With Silenceℱ"
04:32:54 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> As I am Silence
04:32:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Not to be confused with Silent
04:33:01 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Got it
04:33:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That has happened before tho
04:33:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It was me
04:33:58 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Dio?
04:34:30 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> "And the vision/that was planted/in my brain"
04:34:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> "Still remains"
04:34:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Edited D!Post with further suggestions
04:35:01 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> So Meta, you come up with a name yet?
04:35:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> "Within the sound..."
04:35:26 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Dream Eater is kinda the soul-sucking move
04:35:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> WAAPT Infinite is what I would call my hypothetical future timeline
04:35:35 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i think i'm burned out for names tonight
04:35:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Dream Eater specifically targets dreams
04:35:47 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Kay, sorry
04:35:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> On board the Stormchaser EXT, lead by a Captain Grant
04:35:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Captain Phoenix Grant
04:36:03 Tangerine🍊: Dezi: "Within the sound... of SCIENCE!"
04:36:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No word on whether or not he's a direct descendant of Silas
04:36:08 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And besides, it's Psychic-type.
04:36:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Vampire Yvetal would be scary
04:36:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean
04:36:37 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> dunno what you're apologizing for
04:36:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yveltal is already a vampire :P
04:36:44 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> normally i'm better at names
04:36:53 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> idk
04:36:55 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> I have a bad habit of saying sorry
04:36:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour exactly!
04:36:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I mean the dependency bit
04:37:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> True
04:37:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> \:P
04:37:08 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ah
04:37:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...Yeah that would be scary
04:37:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Thank goodness Yvetal's probably built for it
04:37:35 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> You could do what RWBY did, and call it a Nevermore
04:37:36 2018!ran♂: nite all
04:37:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good night!
04:37:43 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Quoth
04:37:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> YES
04:38:02 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> it's a generic discworld reference tho
04:38:06 2018!ran♂ has left the room
04:38:07 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> That a name or a sound your making?
04:38:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Sleep well Silent
04:38:13 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Post
04:38:18 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Night
04:38:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ohhh
04:38:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> YES
04:38:41 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Quoth the Raven?
04:38:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yep!
04:38:49 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Sounds good
04:38:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And a Rattatta that goes SQUEAK
04:39:07 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> the grim squeaker
04:39:19 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> It needs a hood
04:39:35 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> and [[AC:text]]
04:39:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Gonna go eat, might be on latter, night ya'll
04:39:42 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> see ya
04:39:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> See you later!
04:40:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> [[AC:test]]
04:40:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Since I love "Bad Ideas With Silenceℱ" Imma continue with WAAPT Infinite
04:40:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Construct a hypothetical future that I will never use
04:40:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> BECAUSE WHY NOT?!
04:42:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I'm wondering if the Ghost Lord would still be alive 300 years later
04:42:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well
04:42:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> 200-300
04:42:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Still not certain on the time frame
04:42:57 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> he could be
04:43:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He and Lina and Lucius and Alice
04:43:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And Arika? Is her human form immortal as well?
04:43:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ÂŻ\_(ツ)_/ÂŻ
04:43:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
04:43:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> RP!Blitz probably is
04:43:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...and Ammy miiight still be around?
04:43:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh yeah
04:43:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Unless he figured out a way to be not immortal
04:44:07 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> also potentially! @Aster**
04:44:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He knows a way, but it seems like he's not interested in taking it
04:44:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They get to see humanity have starships and FTL drives within the Solar system
04:44:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And then see people use them for war
04:44:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because when you have a sapient species
04:44:28 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They are gonna make bad decisions
04:44:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And spacemons!
04:44:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This is a fact
04:44:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Like space Ampharos
04:44:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And probably several new "regionsl
04:44:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And probably several new "regions"
04:44:59 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Post where Pollen yes
04:45:01 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> WAAPT Infinite, Earth still isn't on the galactic stage
04:45:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ' worth of Pokémon
04:45:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ice Pokemon on Europa
04:45:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ground and Rock Pokemon on Mars
04:45:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> There are a lot of options everywhere
04:45:47 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> ice cream in spaaaaace
04:46:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my gosh Pipit
04:46:06 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour -pokes-
04:46:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i'm bit occupied rn
04:46:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> *a bit
04:46:30 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Fire and Nuclear-types in the Sun
04:46:36 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> a bit
04:46:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean, I'm also Bit, who is occupied. :P
04:46:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aster that would never work
04:46:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The sun is far too hot
04:47:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Slugma's hotter than the surface of the sun!
04:47:07 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Yeah
04:47:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> /joking
04:47:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The surface...
04:47:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Anyways
04:47:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Humanity and Pokemon have found a new future
04:47:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And as the saying goes
04:47:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> War
04:47:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> War never changes
04:48:23 Tangerine🍊: I do have some inklings for a rather sooner Space Arc, though the hyperdrive would not be mass-producible
04:48:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Tangent you have caught my interest
04:48:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I have a Space Team
04:48:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And my PC does have access to space ships
04:48:54 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So happy to supply~
04:49:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also
04:49:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> > Inklings https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/splatoon/images/b/b8/Pedit.png/revision/latest?cb=20150521074530
04:49:57 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> -bricked-
04:50:02 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Woomy!
04:51:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But to continue with WAAPT Infinite, Colonization is effective
04:51:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But sadly has split the solar system
04:51:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "This isn't the future I want"
04:59:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post! @OlympianSoul @Blitz Train
04:59:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> In which save little ears
04:59:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Is what Ceal is thinking
05:00:55 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I'm suddenly reminded of the existence of From Space With Love
05:01:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And so are we all
05:03:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> From Space With Love is iconic
05:04:08 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> It is
05:04:14 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Also post @UmđŸ…±ramatic
05:04:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I wonder if the fight will be for the Black Chalice
05:05:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour are ypu going to post?
05:05:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> please be patient
05:05:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh, sorry
05:05:48 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> (the answer is "not 100% sure" anyway)
05:06:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> (might have to wait until the morning)
05:06:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ok
05:06:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> is trying to decide on Alli's Personas anywaay, just know they are cat themed
05:06:58 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> high-fives Umbra.
05:07:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Give me time and I'll have some drawings
05:07:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Some I won't post
05:07:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cause spoilers for plans
05:07:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Coming this spring
05:07:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It's finally time
05:07:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Rossum makes their move
05:08:51 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ~~Arbuckle/Nermal/Garfield~~
05:09:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ooh
05:09:11 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Blocked.
05:09:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Idle thought
05:09:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Rossum should fight Chaos
05:09:22 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> o3o
05:09:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well that wouldn't work
05:09:34 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Aster** FUCK
05:09:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They'd just kill Jacob aster
05:09:45 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 393 new messages
05:09:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> people
05:09:48 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> What
05:09:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...I don't know why they *would*, IRP
05:09:54 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Sorry?
05:09:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But they might have a good shot
05:10:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because it is the simplest solution
05:10:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> That wouldn't work either
05:10:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Probably
05:10:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> OOOH ARE WE TALKING ABOUT _CHAOS_
05:10:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Unless they, like, vaporise him?
05:10:28 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Verax what would just simply killing Jacob do to Chaos?
05:10:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> YES
05:10:34 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> VERAX NO
05:10:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Absolutely positively nothing!
05:10:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> You'd just kill Jacob
05:10:42 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> Forte: "You guys are fighting Chaos? He's pretty easy, just make sure you keep enough speed or you fall into the flooded city and die. Also, you need to put on Open Your Heart." -...- Forte: "What? No, it probably wouldn't help, but it's an awesome song."
05:10:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
05:10:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But an unending tide of mindless, memoryless metal
05:10:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> PFFT
05:11:06 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And Chaos would sip out of the shell and be like {HI GUYS}
05:11:12 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Thank you for remembering that wave of steel bit Aster
05:11:15 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Lol, I read that post as "some language pretender" as in someone who pretends to have learned Moneese without being J-team,
05:11:16 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Yo, I'm back
05:11:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Yeah Rossum doesn't fight directly
05:11:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> With Porygon Replicants that...should? be able to partition and suppress memories
05:11:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> They send in waves upon waves of robots
05:11:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And nah for Jacob and Chaos
05:11:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No replicants
05:11:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Which won't grant anything new!
05:11:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Just drown him in robots
05:11:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Power-wise
05:12:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But it's not gonna happen
05:12:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And they just have to deal with the Glass Cannon Goo that's left
05:12:07 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Verax has his plans
05:12:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I have mine
05:12:12 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Chaos could probably easily tear apart an army of robits before they could get to it
05:12:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yeah, I didn't know why they would
05:12:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
05:12:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But the big reason I have made them a threat is that they are a big genre savvy team
05:12:37 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It hits hard and hits in very VERY large AOEs when it wants to
05:12:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> WELP
05:12:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Of course it dips into Wrong Genre Savvy
05:12:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Since they don't know about the sheer weirdity
05:13:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also my plans, with the Shards for future reference
05:13:23 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Are "They're there. Someone should do something"
05:13:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But I do have some better actually intimidating non mook bots planned
05:13:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have nothing preplanned with them for right now
05:13:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Like actually a threat without being a boss
05:13:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I think the most direct links from Chaos shenanigans to Rossum are Brie and Verax? From the Neo-Flare raid
05:14:06 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> my meds are starting to kick in
05:14:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Don't forget SCP 420-J and the pizza Aster
05:14:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Since they saw the robot army and also have ties to the people who know about the memory thing
05:14:27 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> goodnight you lovely people
05:14:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Sleep well Umbra
05:14:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Goodnight Umbers
05:14:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good night, Umbra!
05:14:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Sleep well!
05:14:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But yeah, I got plans for Rossum
05:14:50 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Night Umbra
05:14:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Shit is gonna go down
05:14:52 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Night Umbra
05:14:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
05:15:05 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And who knows
05:15:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Maybe they'll have something for Zrone
05:15:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Like more Tetris
05:15:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have 0 things planned for the future barring something once the Shards are dealt with once and for all and also J-Dan stuff
05:15:30 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amaze
05:15:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> No big KOTOR swerves like Conquest
05:15:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I have like too many things planned for the future
05:15:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cause my BRAIN WON'T FUCKING SHUT UP
05:15:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I DM too many things to plan for this RP any more xD
05:15:56 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I plan nothing ahead of time! 😄
05:16:04 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Verax: fair
05:16:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Granted, two/one more day and then that's over for a bit
05:16:31 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah
05:16:50 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> And post
05:16:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I plan EVERYTHING
05:17:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I am currently rolling with it! With a number of scenes stewing for when characterization gets to certain points
05:17:09 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> And then I get to ~~murder you all~~ create a fun and engaging story
05:17:22 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> I plan NOTHING... wow I suck
05:17:27 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Plans are overrated
05:17:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> xD
05:17:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> We're new!
05:17:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I plan... lots
05:17:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Create points, not plot lines, is what I like to do
05:17:51 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> I'm just dumb, and new. A perfect combo
05:18:02 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i got distracted whatd i miss
05:18:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> CHAOS
05:18:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Which requires some semblance of planning but you can also flail around like an idiot and still create something great
05:18:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> DID SOMEBODY SAY
05:18:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...discussion
05:18:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> CHAOS
05:18:17 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Planning, not planning
05:19:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan's talking to a nicer information broker, her mons are talking to a Mew
05:19:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, Verax no
05:19:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Verax yes
05:19:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But yeah I got plans
05:19:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Verax ye- aw ya stole ma bit
05:19:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I've been planning this for over a year
05:19:43 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> As much as we talk about Chaos, Tragedy is the one I'm more excited for
05:19:57 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> I preffer comedy
05:19:59 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> DID SOMEBODY SAY–
05:20:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> :l
05:20:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> sorry
05:20:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> No that was not at you xD
05:20:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ah, okay
05:20:30 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also the :verax:
05:20:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Is a sign of endearment I think?
05:20:41 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> I appologies for nothing
05:20:42 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I don't know
05:20:45 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It's just my face.
05:20:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I actually have the major start for the Rossum bit planned
05:20:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Will just need Admins
05:20:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ah, okay~
05:21:00 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It's a wonderful faxe
05:21:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And people to volunteer characters for Replicants
05:21:03 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Also, I suck at spelling
05:21:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It's a wonderful face
05:21:16 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Jacob is not allowed to be replicated
05:21:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> As we already have a Facob
05:21:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And two would be too much
05:21:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The Facob Shuffle
05:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ditto, Zorua, Argentum in a wig
05:22:15 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> We have a Facob who literally has an identical twin
05:22:15 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Zorua, the bigest cat fish in the world
05:22:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...how did I forget RP!Verax
05:22:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> How did you
05:22:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> MY NAME
05:22:55 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> VERAX
05:23:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HOW DO YOU FORGET VERAX
05:23:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I DON'T KNOW
05:23:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I'M ASKING YOU
05:23:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME
05:23:31 Tangerine🍊: "Facob, Jacob, Verax, Faurax, a Ditto, a Zorua, and Love Seat all walk into a bar"
05:23:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> YOU SEEM KNOWLEDGEABLE
05:23:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Tangent no
05:23:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> AU!Jacob, AU!Verax, Jacob(?), Verax(?)
05:24:02 Tangerine🍊: You're right, Love Seat floats
05:24:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have never touched AUs and I don't know what the (?) mean
05:24:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Memitos meet Iris
05:24:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Otherverse!
05:24:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> So we'd have 4
05:24:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The Lighter and Softer universe
05:24:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Four people who wear Jacob's face
05:24:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> As opposed to the AU
05:24:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Professor Hertz: ... These two are twins. How do they not know?
05:25:10 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Seperated at birth?
05:25:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ^
05:25:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Huh
05:26:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I'm trying to remember if Every(?) ever met Jacob
05:26:53 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> An idle thought: I've written a lot of villain characters, evil teammates so numerous they can't really be called "token" any more, and yet... The most evil character I have ever written for is the receptionist at Amity Square.
05:27:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
05:27:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I forgot about Amity Square
05:27:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Those jerks
05:27:33 everydunsparce has joined the room
05:27:42 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Amity Square?
05:27:44 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> "You can take a walk with a cute Pokemon here!" -...- "No I'm sorry, I said a *cute* Pokemon. Not that ugly thing."
05:27:46 everydunsparce: guess who's back
05:27:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Back again, back again
05:27:57 everydunsparce: Every(?) and Jacob have not met
05:28:03 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> That bastard.
05:28:04 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> HI EVERY
05:28:17 everydunsparce: hey
05:28:19 everydunsparce: m'sleepy
05:28:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww
05:28:47 everydunsparce: and i wanna catch up but my internet is not being cooperative
05:28:50 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> :c
05:28:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Limited to a very small selection of baby mons, Pikachu, and, in Platinum, the starters
05:28:59 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also yeah I do not know the question mark people
05:29:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She's Otherverse!Ever
05:29:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She is a spooooky Hex Maniac who I think died
05:30:17 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Can we get milk from her?
05:30:23 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> what
05:30:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Um
05:30:38 everydunsparce: She didn't die but she became a ghost mon for a while and as a consequence she is pretty sure she's undead.
05:30:47 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> There's a hex maniac in x and y who sells milk
05:30:54 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Okay I habe been awake too long
05:30:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh huh
05:30:57 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I need to sleep
05:30:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Goodnight all
05:31:03 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Night
05:31:04 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> oh okay that was not as bad as i was thinking
05:31:08 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> If you were turned into a ghost but then turned back into a living person you're not really undead anymore.
05:31:09 Tangerine🍊: D!Post where I agree with drain move and post a profile of Paul
05:31:22 Tangerine🍊: Mezzo: well, you're not dead
05:31:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Un-undead
05:31:50 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> *dun dun dun*
05:31:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She should meet Jacob
05:32:05 Tangerine🍊: If you came back as a pistol, then you would be
05:32:06 Tangerine🍊: gundead
05:32:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> -rimshot-
05:32:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Your corpse is used as a party decoration
05:32:37 TropiusCourier1: <Keys/Renard/Whatever> Is Phaz here?
05:32:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Fundead
05:32:51 TropiusCourier1: <Sergey> She sleeps atm
05:32:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> That universe Fortis went to
05:32:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Sundead
05:33:11 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Sundead tomatos
05:33:28 TropiusCourier1: <Keys/Renard/Whatever> What's her handle I need to send her a few DMs
05:33:38 everydunsparce: Every(?) can't be gundead bc she's a fairy
05:33:39 TropiusCourier1: <Sergey> HEr troper handle?
05:34:05 TropiusCourier1: <Keys/Renard/Whatever> Her Discus handle
05:34:16 TropiusCourier1: <Sergey> Oh
05:34:20 TropiusCourier1: <Keys/Renard/Whatever> Her Discord handle
05:34:22 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Post where the downside to avoiding training with psychic powers =v
05:35:51 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> She's Super Waifu Maker.
05:36:22 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ~~Also I have no idea how to describe the nuance of aura going from 'human' to 'same person but now Mew!'~~
05:36:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
05:37:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The flower-y Aura Vision Ribombee have probably made the "texture" more noticeable
05:37:18 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Describe it as... cotton candy? đŸ€·
05:40:53 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> It's probably been a gradual process, yes =v
05:43:10 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I should probably be nice and not go up to RP!Tagg all "Hey, you're like, the best auric on the team. Is there anything I can do not looks obviously inhuman to aura sight besides wearing a jammer at all times?"
05:43:33 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> wonders... does vampirism spread between peoplemons?
05:43:43 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> And if so, was its original cause a Dark or Ghost legendary?
05:43:52 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg: "Nothing that I know about."
05:44:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
05:44:17 everydunsparce: PEFE!Every: -takes out syringe- "I have an idea."
05:44:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh god
05:44:51 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> RP!Blitz: "Welp, here's hoping no mad scientists have aura-" "Wait what are you doing with that .-."
05:45:28 everydunsparce: "I'm going to take your blood and release a Mewifying serum into the water supply! Can't stand out if everyone's like you!" -taps forehead-
05:45:47 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> We Are All Mew
05:45:54 everydunsparce: WAAM
05:45:57 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> lol
05:45:59 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> WMG: There's a universe where that happened. It's called the Mewniverse.
05:46:09 everydunsparce: isn't that the star vs. thing
05:46:38 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I feel like Echo would either approve or disapprove and I'm not sure which is better
05:46:57 everydunsparce: i feel like it's the opposite of echo's plan :P
05:46:58 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I feel like Echo would either approve or _really_ disapprove of that plan and I'm not sure which is better
05:47:12 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah
05:47:44 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> -shrug-
05:49:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
05:49:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, post! @Blitz Train @OlympianSoul
05:50:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Someone, to PEFEvery: ...we need Unigma
05:51:02 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Are the mons asking what's up with Jason's aura or still asking about Blitz's mew aura?
05:51:14 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> How Echo Became An Ambiguous Familial Substitute To The Entire Earth
05:51:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Mew's aura!
05:51:23 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Echo would absolutely love that universe, but be glad she wasn't responsible for it. :P
05:51:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Blitz's Mew aura.
05:51:32 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Though so, just checking, lol
05:51:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> They just mentioned they met him!
05:52:39 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> @BittersweetNSour I find it amusing that with all the "Echo is psychic-cat mom now" stuff she never ran into Mew!Blitz. =p
05:52:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> This needs to be fixed :P
05:52:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Or, How The Ersatz Alliance Sets The Minimum Wage
05:53:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also The Maximum Wage
05:53:14 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also All Wages
05:54:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Huh. Apparently Solgaleo is explicitly male and Lunala is explicitly female according to the dex, even though neither has a gender marker
05:55:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yep!
05:55:21 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> It probably should! And huh, never noticed
05:55:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Only in their opposite versions
05:56:04 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Solgaleo's Moon entry and Lunala's Sun entry
05:56:31 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Interesting
05:56:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> How Mew's Adopted Daughter(?) Gave Her Seven Billion+ Grandkids
05:56:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ambiguous familial relation
05:57:24 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Ah no wonder. I never bothered trading
05:57:25 everydunsparce: Good Morning
05:57:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good morning!
05:57:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It is very close to midnight where I am
05:57:52 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> And now I have Singing in the Rain in my head
05:58:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan: "What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy agaaaain~"
05:58:26 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Good morning at 10:00 at night.
05:58:47 everydunsparce: Fight Me Izzipher It's Morning Somewhere
05:59:09 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ... Izzipher?
05:59:35 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Anyway, no need to stay up on my account =p
05:59:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I'm having fun!
05:59:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But should likely sleep
06:00:04 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> slemp is a good thing
06:00:11 everydunsparce: Izzipher
06:00:15 everydunsparce: It's my new name for you
06:00:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Alright then
06:00:21 everydunsparce: And yes, Aster, go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep
06:00:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Nooooooooooo
06:00:45 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...sooooooon
06:01:04 ***everydunsparce casts Grasswhistle
06:01:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> falls asleep
06:01:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...okaaaaaay
06:01:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good night!
06:01:41 everydunsparce: Night!
06:01:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> 💙
06:01:53 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Night~
06:01:55 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> 💙
06:02:09 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Will have a post for when you wake up
06:02:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Okay~
06:06:46 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Yo, back from ice cream. what I miss?
06:09:23 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> A universe where all peoplemon are mew
06:09:39 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> That.
06:13:06 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> damn, Mr.Fuji's been busy
06:13:20 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Also, post
06:14:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> So, how did a mew become human?
06:15:16 Tangerine🍊: Shapeshifting powers
06:15:27 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Ah, got it
06:19:38 everydunsparce: Post in which Ever's least favorite person.
06:20:29 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> And last post for the night, probably
06:21:20 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Cool, I'm probably gonna call it a night to
06:22:35 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> izzipher
06:22:45 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> ...What?
06:24:48 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Ever is far less forgiving than RP!Tagg towards people who've tried to kill him on multiple ocassions. 😛
06:24:57 everydunsparce: I mean
06:25:31 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> muninn?
06:25:37 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> This is true
06:25:57 everydunsparce: I feel like retaining a mild antipathy for someone who has repeatedly tried to kill you, and then also your girlfriend once, and who is *still not dead*, is kind of understandable.
06:26:13 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> was going to say, he has one on his team.
06:26:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> D!Post
06:26:26 Tangerine🍊: "This is Muninn, he tried to kill me three times but he's dead now so we're cool"
06:26:36 everydunsparce: The third time hardly counts!
06:26:54 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I know, I'm just poking fun 😛
06:28:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...i can't believe we've almost hit a thousand pages since 20K
06:28:36 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> but also, I can't believe we've *only* reached a thousand
06:29:21 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> tsubasa: <damn it, i wanted to devour the souls of the innocent>
06:30:09 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Remind me what Tsubasa is? (and also feel free to recommend Honorable Mentions :P)
06:30:42 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> shes a sensu oricorio
06:30:47 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> she's a sensu oricorio
06:30:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ahh
06:30:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> lmao
06:31:03 everydunsparce: rip
06:31:07 everydunsparce: or...well
06:31:11 everydunsparce: don't, as the case may be
06:31:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Sensu Oricorio is the ONE EXCEPTION to the "all other Ghost-types can learn Dream Eater or Drain Punch" thing
06:31:46 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> " I sort of pictured him crawling out of the ground like a goblin, y'know?"
06:31:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> so, yeah, S.O.L.
06:32:02 everydunsparce: S.O.U.L
06:32:11 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Shit Out Uf Luck
06:32:14 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> shit out of undead luck
06:32:23 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Easy fix, kill Tsubasa and let hem come back as a very hungry ghostmon
06:32:27 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> pft
06:32:31 everydunsparce: (S)ensu (O)ricorio (L)acks
06:32:32 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Easy fix, kill Tsubasa and let them come back as a very hungry ghostmon
06:32:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Tsubasa: -comes back... as a sensu oricorio-
06:32:50 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> lol
06:32:54 Tangerine🍊: An Oricorio, about to drink purple nectar: <I'M GOING GHOST!>
06:33:01 everydunsparce: isn't that corvus
06:33:08 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> corvan but yes
06:33:11 everydunsparce: right
06:33:14 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> doesnt someone have a character thats that in reverse
06:33:18 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> yes
06:33:20 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> that's me
06:33:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> with corvan
06:33:27 everydunsparce: narrow sort of went ghost
06:33:36 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> sorry i kinda forgot their name
06:33:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> pets daydre
06:33:49 Tangerine🍊: Muninn: <I still don't get why we didn't just kill her>
06:34:36 everydunsparce: them
06:34:56 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> the "crawl out of the ground like a goblin" thing makes me laugh harder than it probably should
06:35:01 Tangerine🍊: I am really off-point tonight
06:35:06 everydunsparce: Daydre: ^_^
06:35:25 ***everydunsparce pats
06:35:52 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I'm getting to the top of Mt. Lanakila tonight
06:36:32 Tangerine🍊: I should probably sleep.
06:36:39 Tangerine🍊: But I feel like I'm missing something.
06:36:47 everydunsparce: Oh?
06:37:37 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Bring a jacket, the top of mountains are cold
06:37:44 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I know the feel, I'm a bit tired and know I should fix my sleep schedule but at the same time I don't wanna sleep
06:37:55 Tangerine🍊: precisely
06:38:04 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I'm not even doing anything, just don't wanna, lol
06:38:25 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Dude, you just described my entire sleep schedual during my fall term
06:38:40 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> lol
06:40:23 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Ha, yeah... why did I take an 8 A.M. writing class?
06:40:48 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Ha, yeah... why did I take an 8 A.M. writing class when I only get five hours of sleep at most?
06:41:50 TropiusCourier1: <OlympianSoul> Anyways, good night everybody
06:41:59 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Nighty
06:42:01 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> night
06:42:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> post where i wanted some sort of reaction to the glitch thing but im at a loss where to go from there
06:43:13 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> als lslepp
06:43:16 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> also sleep
06:43:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> yes that
06:43:26 everydunsparce: ...go to bed
06:43:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> yes
06:43:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> good night beautiful people
06:43:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> sleemp
06:43:48 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> night bitters
06:43:50 Tangerine🍊: what about me?
06:43:54 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> blows kisses to everyone 💜
06:43:55 Tangerine🍊: do I get a good night?
06:44:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> you are a beautiful people tangerine
06:44:05 Tangerine🍊: :V
06:44:20 ***Tangerine🍊 feels magical
06:44:47 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> night bitty
06:45:31 everydunsparce: Night! <#
06:45:33 everydunsparce: <3
06:45:50 everydunsparce: Post in which Ever is grumpy and Brie is more than capable of kicking his ass in a fight.
06:46:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Brie Can Kick My Ass Too
06:46:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> just had to say that
06:46:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> kthx sleep
06:47:20 everydunsparce: oh my god
06:47:43 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> bitty slemp
06:47:57 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i stretched out my legs and accidentally kicked my cat bc i forgot she was there
06:48:02 everydunsparce: nooooooooooooo
06:48:03 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> please dont leave me cat
06:48:07 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> im sorry
06:48:15 Bittersweet has left the room
06:48:30 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i think shes trying to actually sleep her eyes are closed
06:49:30 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
06:50:12 Tangerine🍊: ;_;
06:56:28 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> "I tHiNk YoUr'E bEiNg A lItTlE uNfAiR." i would ask how ever did this with his voice alone but i know i probably shouldnt
06:56:39 everydunsparce: I feel like that's not hard to do?
06:56:51 everydunsparce: It's just, like, the standard "Repeating in a mocking tone"
06:56:52 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I heard it in the Spongebob voice
06:59:03 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Clearly Ever is lying
06:59:59 everydunsparce: Oh?
07:03:35 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Alt cap/noncap text = the speech of lies in a game I recently played =v
07:03:54 Tangerine🍊: night all
07:03:55 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Huh
07:04:47 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> (The lies are also semi demonic edible things in game. So... Yeah)
07:05:02 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> D!Post in which twins
07:11:46 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I'm still amused that out of all the Kalosian Blue bloods the de Niles are still the nicest and they're a mob family
07:12:09 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amazing
07:12:17 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I'm still amused that out of all the Kalosian Blue bloods the de Niles are still the nicest and they're a mob family Well, the de Callones are pretty OK as well
07:12:49 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Otherwise it's all jerks
07:13:15 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah, pretty much.
07:15:07 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> (hey guys im still awake) I should go more into the Jaides bc like, I dunno if the greater part of the family is assholes or just Really Fucking Extra
07:15:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> BITTY SLEMP
07:15:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> NO
07:15:32 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Ok
07:15:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> 💜
07:16:15 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> I should be asleep too but I noticed Izzy's profile 😛
07:16:21 everydunsparce: go to bed we care abt your Health
07:16:27 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> make them both
07:16:32 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Extra Assholes
07:16:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ^
07:16:34 everydunsparce: Youm as well tangent
07:16:52 ***everydunsparce casts Grasswhistle on Tangent and Bittersweet
07:17:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> it missed
07:17:13 ***everydunsparce casts Spore on Bittersweet
07:17:25 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> it occurs to me now that extra and assholes shouldnt go next to eachother in a sentence
07:17:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Nuuuuuu
07:17:39 everydunsparce: Daydre: Assholes Georg
07:18:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> But anyway yes I need to do more with the Jaides
07:18:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
07:18:34 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> They're definitely super extra I know that much
07:20:42 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Izzy: Looks good, main question is just if the twins maintain any particular collections of their own, or if they just provide occasional assists to family's.
07:22:03 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Jaides: have a opthalmological condition that leads to them being medically prescribed Kamina glasses
07:22:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Diane's parents escaped prejudice by becoming birds in another world, and they both passed their extraness onto their daughter
07:22:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And also
07:23:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Paula "Shadow Heatran" Jaide
07:23:44 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> if theres any Art Bullshittery going around rp!daydre's probably going to feel enmity towards the macrauls on sight
07:24:34 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Ooh
07:26:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Rose chilled out a lot but once she comes to terms with things she's probably going to get a lot of her extra back
07:27:29 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> And now time for legit sleep Bai
07:37:37 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> night
07:40:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Just went back to find where Diane found out she and Paula were cousins, and turns out Paula/Rose not only have parents that miss them, but also a sister
07:41:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Amy Jaide should show up again.
07:42:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake Diane also needs to see Lawrence and Zilah again
07:42:48 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12971269370A74820100&page=14796#369876
07:43:13 everydunsparce: night
07:43:15 everydunsparce has left the room
07:44:33 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> You know
07:44:40 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> out of all the de Nile siblings
07:44:48 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I don't think Albert has ever been shown
07:44:54 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> he's The Ghost
07:52:06 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I cannot for the life of me remember if any other Jaides have shown up but I'm like 99% certain they have but also part of me is like "just retcon it nobody else remembers"
07:53:08 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Meanwhile the Thornes are basically unnoticed as far as greater world building goes, but they're prefectly pleasant people =p
07:53:09 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> is 99% certain too but thinks they were mentioned to be jerks. (I mean Diane's parents ran to a whole other universe just to escape them.)
07:53:44 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> But they're also not Kalosian, I missed that critera for a moment
07:54:46 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> RP!Tagg's Family: -Is mainly academics and people who work in politics-
07:55:00 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I know I've definitely shown Mustapha because Mansa Musa showed up
07:55:40 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> The ones of particular note, anyway
07:55:41 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ~~The moral of the story is that nobody remembers the nice background building character, only the assholes~~
07:55:52 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ~~The moral of the story is that nobody remembers the nice background building characters, only the assholes~~
08:08:33 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> im gonna attempt to sleep
08:09:34 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> night
08:13:18 TropiusCourier1: <Sergey> Nighty~
09:41:22 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Post where if RP!Tagg's actually considering this you know something's wrong.
10:15:12 Tagg has left the room
11:14:32 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Composing
11:20:11 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I need to bring back Lawrence
11:20:20 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> He was a good character
11:25:51 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> So like, I'm composing a nightmare post. I'm just not sure whether the post should have an overarching narrative of "the purifying demons are coming, do not be found glitched when they arrive" or entirely different things
11:34:27 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Actually got a different idea
11:47:59 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> Uh... Now I'm getting all not sure :c
12:03:33 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> ~~your nightmares~~ ~~the death of everyone you've ever loved~~ ~~you wake up to more nightmares~~
12:11:07 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> @Ultimo @Silence @UmđŸ…±ramatic @Pentigan Posted
12:11:26 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> Yes, Phaz is gonna get head on, apply sword directly to the forehead
12:11:31 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> because whynotIguess
12:11:50 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> I mean he hasn't got any good Pokemons for this
13:08:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good morning!
13:08:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post! @OlympianSoul @Blitz Train
13:09:43 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> Morning Aster!
13:12:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi~
13:14:46 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> How are you?
13:17:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I'm good! If a bit sleepy ^_^;
13:17:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> How are you?
13:20:23 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> I’m fine, thanks! Can’t say I’m sleepy because it’s 14:20 here ^^
13:20:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ooh, nice
13:20:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, timezooooones
13:21:22 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> Yeah xD
14:40:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, Phaz no, you don't bring a sword to a monfight
14:40:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Sinnoh has this whole *myth* about this
14:40:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Clearly you don't understand
14:40:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ancient Sword
14:41:01 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Big mass of Hyul Tech and Jester Ink
14:41:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
14:41:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The Blight ain't a mon
14:41:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Just that mon has been the pimrary a method of fighting
14:42:00 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I thought it seemed mon-y enough ^_^;
14:42:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Only mon like one is the Fire!Blight
14:42:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The Others have been fairly typical in design
14:42:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> All of them spent so long without Jester they all change
14:42:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> All of them spent so long without Jester they all changed
14:42:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
14:45:24 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> Phaz doesn’t give a frick
14:45:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
14:53:33 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> It’s his Kalosian genes speaking
14:54:47 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> « When in doubt, use large stick as a sword and hit it until it’s KO »
15:31:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I thought his Kalosian genes told him to do it for the aesthetic
15:41:20 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!
15:44:38 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I POOOOOOOST!
16:00:39 2018!ran♂ has joined the room
16:13:09 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> I live, I post, I live again!
16:29:00 Tagg has joined the room
16:57:21 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Awake
16:57:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi!!
16:57:34 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> Hi
16:57:47 everydunsparce has joined the room
17:01:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> AWAKEN
17:03:07 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> *AZTEC DUBSTEPS*
17:09:34 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> So I feel marginally less like I want to jump out a window so hi!
17:10:30 everydunsparce: Good morning, all!
17:14:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It's the afternoon
17:14:35 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> gives Dogs a pair of defenestrating boots.
17:19:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Greetings all
17:19:55 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I'm hecking tired
17:20:05 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Hi hecking tired I'm not a Zoroark.
17:20:33 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> I think I'll make like Rufus and go find a burrito to eat
17:27:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I am constantly under stress
17:27:59 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I AM AWAKE NOW
17:28:36 everydunsparce: :O
17:29:19 Tagg: Heading out now
17:29:24 Tagg [AFK] has joined the room
17:30:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So I had a dream that I was a modern day Monster Hunter like from the MH series and I was trying to kill Dinraal blended with the Dire Miralis outside my university
17:32:11 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Welp
17:32:11 2018!ran♂ has left the room
17:32:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It was really fun and it makes me want to either make a game, write a story, or start a roleplay about modern monster hunters
17:33:06 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh my
17:33:43 2018!ran♂ has joined the room
17:40:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good morning, everyone!
17:40:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Just woke up from a nap
17:40:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Weird dreams are more frequent for me
17:40:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I once had a two parter dream
17:41:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I once dreamed my phone's screen was cracked, so I used a load function to turn back time
17:41:34 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Took me a few tries
17:41:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Then most recently I had a similar dream
17:41:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Though for some reason
17:41:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No matter how much I turned back time, my phone's screen was still cracked
17:42:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hell it seemed to get worse
17:45:32 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> (Puts on Fruede hate) Ze screen eez a metaphor for -shot-
17:45:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> holding a gun
17:46:36 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *is holding a* smoking *gun*
17:47:03 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> *mexican standoff*
17:47:31 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Hello Aster!
17:48:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Anyone have any idea why it was like I was in a fallout game reverting to a earlier save state for time travel?
18:03:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Will post for Guardians later
18:03:59 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> I had a dream I was naked at a college and was dating Miriel from Awakening.
18:04:18 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Yes, my subconcious is really fucking weird.
18:04:53 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> We call things "weird" when and if we do not understand them...
18:06:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi, Bittersweet!
18:09:37 StarSketch has joined the room
18:09:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> How am I to understand my power to turn back time via game saves?
18:10:51 everydunsparce: Regret?
18:10:57 everydunsparce: Post in which a deal is struck.
18:12:07 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> You should start searching for your save points Silence
18:12:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> DETERMINATION
18:12:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi Every!
18:12:40 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Hi!
18:13:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Don't make deals with the faeeee
18:13:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Although that seemed to work out well
18:14:56 everydunsparce: I mean, Ever said he'd owe All a favor. He never specified that All had any authority to determine what that favor would be. :P
18:16:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp \:P
18:17:03 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...that is a scary loophole
18:17:19 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Gotta be precise in your words!
18:17:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ever now has the power to [[pink:help]]!
18:18:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I mean
18:18:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> What's more fae than screwing someone over with exact wording?
18:18:18 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Ever: "I've never made anyone's life easier and you know it."
18:18:26 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> @Silence Exactly!
18:18:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Also I would die for Ever
18:18:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Fae are tricksters
18:19:01 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Not always tricksters
18:19:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This is why you don't make deals with them
18:19:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Sometimes just awful
18:19:05 everydunsparce: 32Bit: ^_^
18:19:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But also
18:19:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Sometimes
18:19:12 everydunsparce: Ever is frequently just awful yes
18:19:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The only person worse with rules lawyering are demons
18:19:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever is wonderful
18:19:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And that's because they are big on irony
18:19:50 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> By "Fae", are we also including *Fairy*-types?
18:19:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> To fight a dragon, hire adventurers
18:20:00 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> To fight the fae, hire lawyers
18:20:19 everydunsparce: Funfact, if you have ever sung "Call Me Maybe" and you reach the "I'd trade my soul for a wish" line, your soul is actually forfeit. ^_^
18:20:30 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ffffflip
18:20:37 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Fairy-types are sort of the basis of the presence of the fae in this RP, yeah
18:20:40 everydunsparce: The Absent Coder: Yeah, fairy types are generally counted as fae :P
18:20:49 everydunsparce: bit ter swe et
18:20:51 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have only ever sung songs in musicals
18:21:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So I am safe
18:21:06 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Fae are wonderful. But Sylveon is an exception to the whole prankster gamut.
18:21:14 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> She's the snarker.
18:21:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pollen's probably one of the least faelike fae in this RP
18:21:37 everydunsparce: I love Pollen :c
18:21:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Not all fae are pranksters. Like the Lady of the Lake was v definitely some sort of fairy nature spirit and all she did was give some dude a sword
18:21:41 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Not all fairy types indulge that side, no
18:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every: ^_^
18:22:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Verax she messed up a political system
18:22:09 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Prankster and trickster a sorta synonymous to me.
18:22:10 everydunsparce: I mean PEFE!Every is not a prankster.
18:22:16 everydunsparce: Or trickster.
18:22:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Strange women in ponds handing out scrimtars is no basis for a system of government
18:22:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> You know what's wonderful? Even though you have never said it like that in voice chats, I am now familiar enough with your voice to perfectly construct you saying "bit ter swe et" in my mind
18:23:13 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://youtu.be/sprrQ1OLW6g
18:23:23 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I've seen that like, only once
18:23:40 everydunsparce: 32Bit: Yay! ^_^
18:23:43 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And that was just before I moved from Michigan and I watched it with Zeal and I remember like none of it
18:23:53 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Love that movie ~~and the majestik moose~~ `The Absent Coder has been sacked`
18:27:47 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I think Becky's my only really Fae-like Fairymon.
18:28:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob made an entire team of fairies for Kalos and none of them are fae
18:30:46 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Ever's fairy-types...Access is kind of fae, Muninn isn't really
18:31:03 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Of course Muninn ain't.
18:31:31 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~Woe is totally Fae, don't you lie Verax~~
18:31:45 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Minims like Unseelie fae?
18:31:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever's fae enough for his whole team
18:32:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Woe is the least fae thing I've ever wrote
18:32:03 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Selene is practically a mix of Modern Fairies mixed with Old Fae when it comes to her being the contact to a supernatural knowledge broker
18:32:06 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> In the past he was anyway
18:32:07 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> He just fucked with people bc
18:32:12 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> What's the most Fae?
18:32:18 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> *muninn
18:32:22 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Besides Kuu
18:32:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Argentum
18:32:41 everydunsparce: Argentum is incredibly fae and I love him
18:33:04 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Edge
18:33:07 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Good
18:33:07 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Edge is Fae
18:33:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Maul?
18:33:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Edge is very Fae
18:33:24 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> That's Herbs, not Verax
18:33:32 everydunsparce: Kalida is a little fae.
18:33:51 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Who's my most Fae character, on that note?
18:33:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh wait, the most fae thing Verax has ever written
18:34:17 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I honestly think that Sunny is the most fae character on Colt's team.
18:34:25 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Personality-wise, I mean.
18:34:41 everydunsparce: Glockchen.
18:35:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I think Sholto seems a little fae sometimes
18:35:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...maybe?
18:35:48 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Okay, yeah, Glöckchen definitely
18:35:53 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> All of your characters are capricious and I would not want to make a deal with any of them
18:36:00 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> great lost my hat
18:36:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh no
18:36:08 everydunsparce: :(
18:36:17 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~Verax already made a deal with Sholto Though~~
18:36:22 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> 😩
18:36:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Verax lied
18:36:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I don't know where I put that beanie, but I'm gonna need it to keep my hat warm
18:36:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I don't know where I put that beanie, but I'm gonna need it to keep my head warm
18:36:59 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~And Sholto will react to that like a Fae who was lied to~~
18:37:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ~~uh oh~~
18:37:31 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> ~~GET DOWN~~
18:37:44 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> When fighting Fae
18:37:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/3/38/Xanatos-gargoyles.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140201162917
18:37:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Wear Iron Power armor
18:37:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It worked for David Xanatos
18:38:14 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Idk, I feel he's more likely to see if one of the other Cipher people if they're willing to do it when Verax doesn't come through
18:38:52 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> He doesn't particularly want to use a gun, he just wants it because Verax lied about making him one
18:39:07 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *Has made a sort of deal with Mew Prime and wonders if it's about as bad*
18:39:11 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> "It's the principle of the matter"
18:39:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pffft
18:39:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ~~~helping~~~
18:39:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I found a picture of Sholto when dealing with Verax: http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue19/featuredrumon_honchkrow.png
18:39:57 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> -bricked-
18:40:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also I feel like as far as my characters go Kuu is not all that fae
18:40:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> She is more goddess than fair folk
18:40:38 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> That pic's actually kinda cute - *is bricked and feels nothing* - it's probably the almost chibi look to it.
18:40:46 2018!ran♂ has left the room
18:41:14 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Verax: Point, yeah
18:41:16 everydunsparce: I mean she does make duplicitous bargains but to be fair that's definitely a god thing also
18:41:19 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> post
18:41:22 everydunsparce: ...Celure is v fae
18:41:32 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> maybe channahs not the best person to be discussing this with
18:41:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I was gonna say Saclure
18:41:37 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Celure is just clumsy
18:41:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And hates pants
18:41:46 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh gosh Salcure
18:41:57 everydunsparce: Salcure is incredibly fae
18:42:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Okay all those that haven't made deals with fairies raise your hands." -Raises hand-
18:42:08 everydunsparce: Salcure: -is Dragon/Fairy type?-
18:42:15 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> How does Salcure feel about pants?
18:42:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Dragon Fairy would be accurate
18:42:24 Mezzopiano has left the room
18:42:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan: "I made a Vow with two of them, does that count?"
18:42:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob: "Does Jirachi count because if so-"
18:42:49 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> “I’m pretty sure the person I bought this scarf from was fae, does that count”
18:42:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Crow: I don't know
18:43:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Scarves do not count. I had to rap battle for mine."
18:43:21 everydunsparce: Ever: "I've made bargains with tons of fae. I've also made bargains while possibly being fae, does that count?"
18:43:38 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Salcure’s a Mega Altaria!
18:43:45 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Wild Surge: Every creature in range is wearing pants for the next 15 minutes
18:43:59 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I'm up now, so posty for @Aster**
18:44:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever: -leverages fae bargains to absorb more ghosts-
18:44:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi Blitz!
18:44:27 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Colt: "I challenged a fae deity to a one-on-one showdown and tried to get her to pet me, does that count?"
18:44:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Not a deal. You're good."
18:44:48 everydunsparce: morning Blitz!
18:44:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You specifically had to make a bargain for power
18:44:56 everydunsparce: Ever: "I have so many ghosts. :D"
18:45:10 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Ah, okay. Resume.
18:45:45 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Ever “Fenton Thermos On Wheels” Memito
18:46:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Why can I imagine Ever bargaining with his soul
18:46:13 everydunsparce: Ever: -acquires a skateboard-
18:46:17 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Using one of the many ghosts
18:46:24 everydunsparce: Ever bargained away his soul a long time ago.
18:46:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Arguing that he has simply grafted more souls to himself
18:46:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Ever pays for his phone plan with his soul
18:46:45 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Where do those even go, anyways
18:46:52 everydunsparce: They power the phone company.
18:47:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp
18:47:31 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The benefit is unlimited minutes, texting, and data
18:47:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because he paid with his "immortal" soul
18:47:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And also the ability to contact people under any circumstance
18:47:57 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh, nah, it only lasted so long
18:48:09 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Post
18:48:27 everydunsparce: Ever does pretty much have unlimited texting, yes.
18:48:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -Person lives outside in the wood- -Leaves and twigs align to "HEY STOP IGNORING ME"-
18:48:39 everydunsparce: And, like Verax said, he can contact people from anywhere and to anywhere.
18:48:43 everydunsparce: Verax: This is accurate.
18:48:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> That's why he's so good at texting
18:48:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He is one with his phone plan
18:48:52 everydunsparce: It is why he's so good at texting!
18:48:58 everydunsparce: He can text from a book if need be.
18:49:06 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh gosh
18:49:08 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I just remembered I named the Totem mimikyu scringo bc I couldn’t think of anything
18:49:24 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> RP!Blitz: "I didn't bargin for power, I just made the mistake of being on somewhat friendly terms when Prime decided to take a vacation"
18:49:25 everydunsparce: "Took me forever to find all the qs." "Why did you feel the need to say 'quiddity' so many times then?"
18:49:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfffff
18:49:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But can he text TO a book?
18:49:50 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Does "scringo bc I couldn’t think of anything" fit in the character limit?
18:49:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Found a picture
18:49:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/173/609/tumblr_lr8aciR1uy1qfg17wo1_500.gif
18:49:56 everydunsparce: He can text to a book, yes.
18:49:59 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This is Ever and his phone plan
18:50:10 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever: -dies, becomes a Rotomunownporysparce-
18:50:11 everydunsparce: Yep
18:50:19 everydunsparce: Aster: O_o
18:50:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://i.imgur.com/uD5OiDj.gif
18:50:29 everydunsparce: He'd need to get his soul back first. :P
18:50:45 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> OK, I'M HERE
18:50:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> HI UMBRA
18:51:03 everydunsparce: hi!
18:51:10 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> throws Umbra a bag of pistachios.
18:51:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I missed a fae conversation
18:51:25 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So fun fact
18:51:31 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> noms
18:51:36 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Oh by the way if any of you guys ever go to PAX South I will bring you a bag of the local pistachios
18:51:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Liam O'Brien is the "Wonderful pistachios, get crackin'" dude
18:52:02 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Hell they even make Pistachio Wine here
18:52:08 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> interesting
18:52:08 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> And pistachio ice cream
18:52:08 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> huh
18:52:25 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Pistachios are good. Never had icecream before
18:52:57 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i got pistachios for christmas
18:53:01 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> good shit
18:53:05 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I read that as "I missed a fae convention".
18:53:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Namely
18:53:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Don't EVER
18:53:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Make a deal with the Fae
18:53:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Even if they aren't tricksters there is always a catch
18:53:45 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Too bad you can't take alcohol on planes, or I'd send a bottle of pistachio wine to Verax
18:53:54 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Actually they might ship there
18:54:05 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Depends on if their license is still valid for that state
18:54:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> There should absolutely be a fae convention
18:54:39 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> FAIRIES
18:54:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...is J-Con possibly exactly that
18:54:46 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Edge would be there and no one would want to share a table with him
18:54:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Fae-Con J-Con
18:54:55 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> The J-Team fanbase seems very fae
18:55:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...oh gosh it does
18:55:17 everydunsparce: oh no
18:55:26 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *sets deal with Fae in writing* - Okay, so we're going to outsource your weekend-long convention to the building Game Freak uses, and in exchange we'll get our assorted returns, okay?
18:55:48 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> joking aside i'm not in exactly the best mood for reasons and may take a while to post
18:55:58 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Oh yeah, and you'll also pay for the rent, electricoty, water and all that noise.
18:56:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> hugs Umbra
18:56:04 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> hugs
18:56:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> As much fun as fairies are I feel like suddenly "everything is fae" is not a good writing decision xD
18:56:15 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Wait, what's eating at you? *dons scarf and nuzzles*
18:56:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> AGAIN
18:56:23 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> DO NOT MAKES DEALS WITH THE FAE
18:56:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Today it's simply a bite of chocolate
18:56:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Tomorrow it's your foot
18:56:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The day after it's your firstborn child
18:57:14 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Verax: Yeah, fair. I mean I'm probably not going to change how I write any of my characters but it's still fun to think about
18:57:15 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> This reminds me that Vierr's thirdborn child is promised to the gods
18:57:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh yeah
18:57:37 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ...Oh gosh right
18:57:44 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I'm with @Verax on "everything is fae"
18:57:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I wonder if Xerneas needs an Aurocalypse-y herald
18:57:52 TropiusCourier1: <đŸ…±ađŸ…± ChamđŸ…±> then only have 2 kids
18:58:01 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Vierr: -Has two kids, gets a visectomy-
18:58:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Oh my god
18:58:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also oh hey Blitz remembers Silas
18:58:17 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour -hugs back-
18:58:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Then they come and take your next egg hatched or the next child born in the family
18:58:44 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Aster** -also hugs back-
18:58:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well Verax
18:58:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> At that point you can rules lawyer themn
18:58:53 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Vierr: -has a 3rd kid despite the vasectomy-
18:58:56 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> At that point you can rules lawyer them
18:59:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Your third _born_
18:59:08 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aka
18:59:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Yours
18:59:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Not others
18:59:15 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> And born
18:59:17 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> not hatched
18:59:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And they can rules lawyer you They probably have several centuries of experience over you
18:59:32 TropiusCourier1: <đŸ…±ađŸ…± ChamđŸ…±> also Vierr cant have kids
18:59:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> At that point you've gotta Ace Attorney the fae
18:59:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Yeah but they are big on rules lawyering with exact words
19:00:00 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also Bitters
19:00:03 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZwgLt0QadU
19:00:08 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Let's just get the Robot Devil to deal with them
19:00:12 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *Is genuinely contemplating negotiating with Xerneas to see how he backstabs me*
19:00:19 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Ace Attorneying a fae sounds like a fun time and/or a good way to go mad
19:00:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Absolutely!
19:00:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> They also tend to respond to "You got what you want from me without giving me anything in return" by cursing your family line and making life even worse
19:00:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I've seen people do it in DnD
19:00:37 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I mean Xerneas is pretty chill
19:00:46 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> In WAAPT
19:01:00 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Also if you can out-lawyer the Devil and he'll be chill about it
19:01:08 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Ever: "I feel embarrassed. Here I am, 21, almost 22, and I've never cursed a thing."
19:01:17 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFFT
19:01:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pffft
19:01:21 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Tapu Lele's the only really Fae legendary that's a Fairy
19:01:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Then the Fae have no excuse on being sore about being out lawyered
19:01:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Muninn: -disagrees-
19:01:57 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> That's very media and opinion specific and I disagree?
19:02:04 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Oh, okay.
19:02:57 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Mew and Tornadus/Thundurus are pretty trickster-y (Well, depending on the Mew in the first case)
19:03:16 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Mew Prime?
19:03:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ~helping~
19:03:37 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Kai: "Hey, we all have to start somewhere!"
19:03:39 TropiusCourier1: <Cosmiagramma> had played some Spla2n!
19:03:45 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
19:04:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Fae-Team
19:04:27 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...an adventuring team composed entirely of fae would be...interesting.
19:04:46 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> new d&d campaign
19:04:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> No
19:05:06 everydunsparce: <3
19:05:15 everydunsparce: so now i'm rereading artemis fowl
19:05:20 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> GOOD
19:05:22 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> IT'S SUCH A GOOD SERIES
19:05:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooh!
19:05:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I need to reread it
19:05:36 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> *never got past the third book*
19:05:40 everydunsparce: Same
19:05:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The fourth was one of my first chapter books
19:05:55 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> in part because i got out of middle school and there were no copies in the high school library
19:06:01 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> meh
19:06:03 everydunsparce: Clearly I am reading this for no reason and not because I have a plan involving a tangential reference to it down the road
19:06:05 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...Do I have my kindle with me? I can buy the books now I think
19:06:06 everydunsparce: Metanoia: Aw.
19:06:10 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> My middle school had all of them, but my high school *did not*
19:06:14 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> every: Oh no
19:06:20 everydunsparce: oh yes <3
19:06:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ooh
19:06:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Every no
19:06:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I named a Celesteela Artemis! Because Moon, and archer
19:06:41 everydunsparce: what could go wrong Verax <3
19:06:48 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i always liked foaly for some reason
19:06:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> -points at Artemis's plotsa
19:06:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Kai's Gardevoir is named after Holly Short!
19:06:59 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> -points at Artemis's plots-
19:07:01 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> BRB
19:07:03 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh yeah!
19:07:08 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i may have been obsessed with butler
19:07:08 everydunsparce: 32Bit: Yes! :D
19:07:09 TropiusCourier1: <Super 💚💚aifu Maker> GOING TO SEE MUTHA FUCKIN AKIRA
19:07:10 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
19:07:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> THAT'S WHERE THAT COMES FROM
19:07:27 everydunsparce: but this is a reference to a different aspect of the books
19:07:44 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> XD
19:07:53 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
19:08:08 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Anywho, bbiab, going to lunch!
19:08:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Post! @OlympianSoul @Blitz Train
19:08:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ***ROOT WAS A MR MIME***
19:08:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
19:08:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I DIDN'T KNOW ROOT WAS A THING THAT EXISTED
19:09:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That's where at least ONE civilization of fairies went when they were sealed
19:10:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ok what is goin on?
19:10:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Artemis Fowl talk
19:12:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...imagining the Fowls among the Kalos families
19:12:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Despite the different place
19:12:54 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...Yes
19:12:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> This
19:13:02 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Welp
19:13:04 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Needs to be a thing
19:13:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yesssss
19:13:18 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> that'd be cool
19:13:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I am curious if Opal Koboi has a place somewhere
19:13:45 everydunsparce: i mean there is a reason i made a joke about a fowl reference down the line
19:13:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooooh
19:13:57 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ooooooo
19:14:03 everydunsparce: i've never actually told a joke in my life it's *all foreshadowing*.
19:14:04 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> NO
19:14:09 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> lol
19:14:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Thespi: \:DDD
19:14:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I mean I 100% thought you were for real I just didn't know what reference it pertained to :P
19:14:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Actually I have no right to say no I'm literally bringing Ruin into this RP, carry on with your references
19:14:55 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> o3o
19:14:55 everydunsparce: it's not a direct reference i don't usually do those
19:15:01 everydunsparce: just
19:15:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Fair
19:15:08 everydunsparce: elements i later realized have a lot in common
19:15:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> This more what I meant xD
19:15:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Fair-y
19:15:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And ooooh
19:15:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> aster j. isk
19:15:54 everydunsparce: astER
19:16:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ^_^
19:17:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> 💜
19:17:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> 💙
19:17:58 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> 💙 💜 💚
19:19:16 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> 💙 💜 💚 💙 💜
19:20:17 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> đŸ–€
19:21:04 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> 💜
19:21:32 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> 🍊
19:22:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> *⃣
19:22:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooh
19:22:36 everydunsparce: wh
19:22:37 everydunsparce: wha
19:22:37 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> [You acquired the Hearty Tangerine!]
19:23:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ah yes
19:24:02 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I'm hungry. ...Probably because it's noon and I haven't had breakfast. .......Or dinner
19:24:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aster was sworn to secrecy
19:24:25 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I really need to fix my sleep schedule, lol
19:24:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh no
19:24:29 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Same
19:24:49 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> My sleemp schedule is a mess
19:25:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> im glad sleemp is catching on
19:25:21 everydunsparce: I feel like Megan has been sworn to secrecy about many things. :P
19:25:49 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> the secret keeper
19:26:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She has
19:27:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It will reach its peak once she has met the entirety of the J-Team
19:27:19 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> That's the real initiation to J-team
19:27:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And she will ascend to become the mysterious introducer
19:27:32 everydunsparce: I'm like ninety percent certain Ever tacitly threatened her. Just...in a very nice way.
19:27:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...welp
19:27:42 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> "Hey, cool, you know about this cool thing too! Now don't tell anyone not in the J-team"
19:27:55 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> -hands membership card-
19:28:14 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pfft
19:28:27 everydunsparce: Ever's a nice person! It's just that when too many people know about stuff they always seem to try and kill him, which ruins his day.
19:28:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh no
19:28:38 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Now I didn't mention this before. But if anyone gets hurt because you couldn't keep that secret. I will find you... and I will kill you."
19:28:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> -Bricked-
19:28:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan, at least, is probably a very ineffectual assassin
19:29:06 everydunsparce: oh, wait, yeah, he didn't threaten her, he just asked if she was going to try and kill him. :P
19:29:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...unless if some of the nastier comboes I've thought up even the field
19:29:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...nah
19:29:16 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Wmg Megan will set off a long chain of events that leads to the death of someone important
19:29:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh yeah!
19:29:25 everydunsparce: LET MEGAN KILL SOMEONE
19:29:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> APPARENTLY SHE'S RIPPED?
19:29:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I DIDN'T KNOW THIS
19:29:39 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> yes
19:29:46 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I heard Megan had an eight pack
19:29:50 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Arika: Who wants to talk about assassinations! -rainbows, children yelling yay-
19:29:52 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> That Megan was shredded
19:30:02 everydunsparce: LET MEGAN SAY "YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD"
19:30:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> NANI?!
19:30:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas has a blaster
19:30:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> He is safe
19:30:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan's a punk \*** \*****
19:30:29 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ^
19:30:30 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> Rp!daydre: “can I hire you to assassinate my depression”
19:30:49 everydunsparce: :(
19:30:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Water monotypers, yo
19:30:56 everydunsparce: Let Aster Say Fuck
19:31:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> No
19:31:12 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> yes
19:31:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ziltoid: ~With invasive surgeries and brain washing I could eliminate your depression~
19:31:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ziltoid no
19:31:28 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~Don't you mean F* no?~~
19:31:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Future!Shellder: -shoves Megan into RP!Daydre's mind-
19:31:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan: -dies-
19:31:59 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Zero! Zero fucks!
19:32:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> megan found dead in celadon
19:32:26 everydunsparce: is she okay
19:32:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She's fine but she's dead
19:32:37 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> she's dead jom
19:32:43 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> she's dead jim
19:32:47 everydunsparce: Ever: "Oh, that could be worse then"
19:32:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
19:33:02 ***everydunsparce fuses someone named Jim and someone named Tom to create Jom
19:33:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...this reminds me of a weird tangent (not Tangent) my brain went on
19:33:15 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Every Spirit Games Winner: -Was dead but got better-
19:33:15 everydunsparce: oh?
19:33:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> In which Megan became Ever's apprentice
19:33:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Oh my god
19:33:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yes
19:33:32 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Ever and All are incredible
19:33:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...I have no idea what this would look like
19:33:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Let Megan Be Ever's Apprentice
19:33:51 everydunsparce: ConflictedPsyches: :D
19:33:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> HI PSYCHE
19:33:57 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> The Apprentice: Ever Edition
19:34:00 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi Psyche!
19:34:04 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> HI PSYCHE
19:34:09 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> I HAVE BEEN POPULAR LATELY
19:34:21 everydunsparce: Also hi Psyche!
19:34:28 everydunsparce: Wait aren't Megan and Ever like the same age
19:34:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Megan's 17 IIRC?
19:34:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> When's 19
19:34:50 everydunsparce: oh
19:34:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She's 19
19:34:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Oh
19:35:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Okie
19:35:13 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Hm, if Megan becomes Ever's apprentice, what would that mean for Tagg? 😛
19:35:14 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp XD
19:35:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Grandmaster Tagg
19:35:19 everydunsparce: I feel like Ever would be 100% down to take an apprentice but also he would be, like, the worst teacher :P
19:35:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yes
19:35:32 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That's why it must happen
19:35:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan: vanishes into walls with Dive
19:35:47 everydunsparce: Like, he'd spent all his time fanboying over the cool water techniques and then just wander off and get drunk.
19:35:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aaaaw
19:35:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
19:36:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Get him to teach you things by making a dare that he couldn't
19:36:06 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh no
19:36:10 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> This
19:36:17 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Would this work Every
19:36:23 everydunsparce: ...Maybe?
19:37:00 everydunsparce: Ever: "What do you even want me to teach you you are already very good at this"
19:37:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Megan: "No I'm not I have no idea what I'm doing"
19:37:45 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> This also reminded me Silent made some comment about Maggie getting an intern of er own
19:37:53 everydunsparce: "You think I killed a Latios by knowing what I was doing?!"
19:38:21 everydunsparce: Ever: -locks Megan in a room with an angry legendary- "This was all I could think of good luck"
19:38:27 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFT
19:38:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Speaking of Ever he needs to run into Zrone again during the Iron-
19:38:30 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> every no
19:38:38 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> "You would have had to know the feathers would do something"
19:38:39 everydunsparce: He does need to run into Zrone again!
19:39:16 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Tapu Lele: -is furious at Ever- Don't worry dear, I won't hurt you- EVER MEMITO I WILL EVISCERATE YOU AND FEED YOU YOUR ENTRAILS YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT
19:39:30 everydunsparce: oh no
19:39:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Zrone found dead this morning
19:39:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Overdosed on Tetris
19:39:59 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Zrone is incapable of overdosing on Tetris
19:40:08 everydunsparce: But yeah, Ever with an apprentice would be...weird.
19:40:10 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjbPPMvUcsE
19:40:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
19:40:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Why
19:40:26 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> If he isn't overdosed already I wonder how much it'd take for it
19:40:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> tetris blocks are like blood cells to Zrone
19:40:29 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> wut
19:41:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Cause TF2 and Tetris
19:41:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Why
19:41:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I don't like _either_ of those
19:41:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Huh
19:41:48 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ...
19:41:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Never knew that
19:41:53 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> why would you put them _together_
19:41:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Because fuck you
19:41:59 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That's why
19:42:08 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> You don't like Tetris? Unexpected
19:42:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I'm not super fond of it xD It's a good time killer but I don't particularly enjoy
19:42:34 everydunsparce: Tetris is stressful.
19:42:35 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh, okay
19:42:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> What about TF2?
19:42:38 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I have now purchased the first book of Artemis Fowl on my kindle
19:42:39 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> That makes sense
19:42:55 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I read that as purchasing it on your knee
19:42:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour :D
19:43:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every: oh god
19:43:14 everydunsparce: Aster: Oh?
19:43:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...what Legendary would it be?
19:43:27 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Eventually im gonna get an actual physical book version because i have a COLLECTION to maintain
19:43:33 everydunsparce: Probably Ruby Rose the Latias.
19:43:38 everydunsparce: Who would not actually kill Aster.
19:43:41 everydunsparce: *Megan
19:43:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooh
19:43:50 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> are you a macraul, Bitters?
19:44:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe
19:44:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I mean we coudl also toss Megan into the Foxverse
19:44:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Have her get to see Peoplemons
19:44:42 everydunsparce: In all seriousness I don't think Ever would actually try and kill anyone.
19:44:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...fortunately, most Water-types get a bunch of Ice-Type moves and even though they move faster than sound I'm pretty sure electricity or light can do something about dang it why am I thinking about this
19:44:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Muninn begs to differ
19:45:01 everydunsparce: Muninn started it!
19:45:07 everydunsparce: Aster: :D
19:45:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever's killed Legendaries! Multiple Legendaries!
19:45:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ever didn't try to kill him! He defended himself in a pointy manner!
19:45:33 everydunsparce: Ever has killed a legendary and gotten assists on another.
19:45:42 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Ever's killed more than Munnin?
19:45:43 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
19:45:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Mewslie
19:45:52 everydunsparce: He helped kill Mew!Martin
19:45:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I may have a few ideas
19:45:56 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Ahh
19:45:58 everydunsparce: Leslie really did herself in
19:45:59 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Such as specialized flintlocks
19:46:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
19:46:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Powered by Fae
19:46:03 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Or
19:46:04 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aura
19:46:06 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Psychis
19:46:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Or even Obscura
19:46:12 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Leslie deleted herself
19:46:19 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Mew!Blitz: -Finds himself inexplicably trying to avoid Ever whenever they're in the same area-
19:46:20 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ^
19:46:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Silence: That feels like it builds on the WAAPT lore but it isn't really Pokemon-y
19:46:36 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...I think Megan has a weird combo that would be good against a Latias
19:46:39 everydunsparce: Ever: "It was self-defense leave me alone"
19:47:42 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Humanity in WAAPT has already shown to try and make pokemon powered weaponry
19:47:57 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> what if it was a experiment into that
19:48:18 everydunsparce: Aster: Ooh
19:48:19 everydunsparce: ?
19:48:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Her command for it is "Cacophony"
19:48:38 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> ~~Joltik gun~~
19:48:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It's Pollen, Ceal, and Tripod using sound moves
19:48:43 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> RP!Blitz: "I _AM_ trying to leave you alone, stop following me =/"
19:48:54 everydunsparce: Ever: "aaaa"
19:48:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Roughly with the same frequency
19:48:57 everydunsparce: Aster: Ooh!
19:49:04 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> ~~Wielding the Honedge line as a weapon~~
19:49:13 everydunsparce: Ever has done that!
19:49:16 everydunsparce: It was ill-advised!
19:49:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Tripod: Metal Sound/Pollen: Bug Buzz/Ceal: ?
19:49:27 everydunsparce: Ceal is a?
19:49:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But since Primarina, probably anything, from Blizzard to Moonblast
19:49:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Honestly I might take another break from the RP once the Shards are taken care of because until the Team as a whole moves on to anothe region with a League to challenge I feel like we keep drifting further and further from Pokemon-y things and eh It's might just be a me thing
19:49:49 everydunsparce: Oh, yeah, they have a lot of sound stuff.
19:50:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> It'd probably mess with the Psychic concentration and probably *hurt* to slam into at more than the speed of sound
19:50:13 everydunsparce: Almost certainly. :D
19:50:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...and it's two Fairies and a Steel type
19:51:03 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pats Verax
19:51:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> pats
19:51:55 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I think that's mostly a "this arc" thing, since it's very much a crossovery arc
19:52:09 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I'm trying to keep Pokemon involved in my stuff but I dunno about the people you interact with the most
19:52:11 everydunsparce: And really I feel like most stuff has been pretty much Pokemon.
19:52:25 everydunsparce: I mean we're planning an evil team raid rn
19:52:27 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> also what Every and Bitters said
19:52:37 everydunsparce: I should...
19:52:38 everydunsparce: Ieat.
19:52:40 everydunsparce: *eat
19:52:45 everydunsparce: Which I have yet to.
19:52:45 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> LEAT WELL
19:52:55 everydunsparce: yeat
19:52:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Consume, Dunsparce
19:53:04 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Well no it's been happening more and more since like Orre, there was a brief break in Kalos but even that got swamped with Mindscape stuff, and barring some notable things I feel like the focus on other media rather than playing with what's already there has been growing and growing
19:53:08 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Vs. Consume Dunsparce
19:54:12 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I admittedly have contributed to the things I'm complaining about myself, but like, maybe it's just I left during ReGlitch which was a lot of media stuff and original stuff, took a break for Alola because the plot idea didn't interest me, and when I return it's something similar but more extreme
19:54:59 ***everydunsparce shrugs, but is gonna put on a modhat and say that this line of conversation is more likely to lead to hurt feelings than a constructive resolution.
19:55:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ^
19:55:35 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I mean I feel you but
19:55:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I was less looking for resolution and more: "I'm probably just going to leave again because what even is the genre"
19:56:14 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> There are too many people that want to do too many different things for there to be any real reeling in of anything at this point
19:57:16 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> gets what you mean and even somewhat agrees, but is also echoing Every in that it's probably best not to continue this line of conversation
19:57:37 everydunsparce: Putting on secondary, more assertive modhat and saying "drop it." I'll happily continue this conversation with you privately but this isn't an appropriate venue.
19:58:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Gen 8 is going to be exciting and I'll probably wait around to see what we do with it is more the point I was trying to make when I sit down and get my sleep dep brain to work right
19:58:47 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Oh, that's fair.
19:59:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> stacks a couple regular hats on top of the modhats
20:00:31 ***everydunsparce does not meet the specs for the regular hats
20:00:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Hrm
20:00:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I will need to modify
20:00:54 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...mod-ify
20:00:59 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Verax This is fair!
20:01:30 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> accrues a stack of mod hats
20:01:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> also BITTERS
20:01:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> hats in modulo
20:01:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> YES
20:02:09 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> THAT PUN
20:02:15 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> IM SORRY
20:02:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> IT JUST HAPPENED
20:02:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Also I left a Corrinpost but I'm at a loss where to take to conversation or if to just leave it
20:04:28 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Did I miss anything?
20:05:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Extreme hypothetical Megan-as-Ever-apprentice discussion!
20:05:34 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Okay.
20:05:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But I don't think very much
20:06:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Back in a bit!
20:08:19 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> Post
20:14:28 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> At risk of hurting things again I feel this is a conversation very worth having publicly because my leaving and repeated frustrations with the RP have been for very much the same reasons.
20:15:32 everydunsparce: Drop it. I've already asked.
20:17:23 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Modhat: We're having these discussions already, and if you want to have your opinions heard you can, tell us. But a casual forum environment like this is _not_ the best place for such discussions
20:17:37 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> Where are the discussions being had, though?
20:17:41 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> Because I'm not a part of them.
20:18:37 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> PMs mostly. Again, if you wanna be involved, we can involve you.
20:19:15 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> Please do.
20:21:24 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> (but, did I miss a fight or something that happened in the past? because from what I looked at it seemed like verax brought it up and then people were instantly like "drop it" without comment)
20:22:21 everydunsparce: This has historically been a touchy subject and trying to resolve it out of nowhere and in public has never gone well.
20:22:38 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Please, from this moment onwards. Forward your promblems and issues with tone, content and direction with @every and @Tangent
20:22:48 TropiusCourier1: <Zeal> Sorry!
20:22:54 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Modhat; Please, from this moment onwards. Forward your promblems and issues with tone, content and direction with IRP @every and @Tangent
20:22:56 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Modhat; Please, from this moment onwards. Forward your promblems and issues with tone, content and direction with IRP @every and @Tangent
20:23:20 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Modhat; Please, from this moment onwards. Forward your promblems and issues with tone, content and direction with IRP content to @every and @Tangent
20:25:39 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Modhat; Please, from this moment onwards. Forward your problems and issues with tone, content and direction regarding IRP content to @every and @Tangent
20:25:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I may ask to be involved later just to hear the discussion and not particularly contribute, but not now
20:26:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> On a different note!
20:26:43 TropiusCourier1: <SwiftSeraph> ^^
20:27:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I've gone back through the Kalos arc and located the three (3) times the greater Jaide family has appeared and been exposited on
20:27:50 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> !
20:29:24 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> yaaay
20:30:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> And since the first was a whopping 3 posts that I feel like I did with little elaborate thought and mostly just wanted to stick names on a lineage, I'm likely going to Orwellian Retcon that part and rework it. Amy Jaide can stay, though.
20:32:32 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> The other two parts, good as anything. The first three-post part was 100% self-contained and easily modified.
20:33:20 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I would totally bring back Lawrence and Zilah (and maybe have Mustapha and Albert appear) for shenanigans
20:33:25 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ye
20:33:44 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Especially the Noodle Incident where apparently Zilah tried to hook Lawrence and Amy up
20:33:55 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> yes
20:35:25 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> The second interactiony thing was between Diane and Lucille, the latter talking about how the Jaides are decent by nobility standards, but are still *these damn rich people*
20:35:54 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> probably out of all the blue blood Kalosian families we've met
20:35:57 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Welp
20:36:14 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> The de Callones (Remy's family) seem to be the least awful
20:36:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yup
20:37:57 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> welp
20:38:01 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Lawrence's romantic history > The setup with Amy that obviously didn't work out > His relationship with Mahsuri, also didn't work out > Currently dating Remy's older sister
20:40:34 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> kinda hopes there can be more plot interactions betwixt the bluebloods and J-Team next time we swing by Kalos, for obvious reasons
20:41:17 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> o3o
20:41:34 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I need to bring back Lawrence _and_ Mahsuri
20:42:01 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Mahsuri is a legit princess considering she's based on IRL Malaysian royalty
20:42:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pfft
20:42:26 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Not a fantasy princess, just a regular modern princess
20:42:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> For now, I've stuck placeholders for reworked Jaide Family Bullshit in place of the Jaide intro scene
20:43:32 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> So now it's mostly a clean slate to work with other than Diane, her parents, her grandmother, Amy, and Paula/Rose
20:44:15 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Oh, out of curiosity - any ideas on what League Ludmilla should challenge after Alola/the School is taken care of?
20:44:35 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Who was the one Mahsuri called a swamp floozy again?
20:44:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> She should go set up an Orren League and then beat that one
20:45:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But more seriously
20:45:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> AN ALL TIME FIRST
20:45:21 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Pippi AKA Louise Beaumont-de Callone (Remy's older sister who's a fashion designer)
20:45:25 everydunsparce: please set up an orren league and challenge it
20:45:32 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Ahh
20:45:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ye
20:45:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Why not the Kanto league?
20:45:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Set up an Oran league
20:45:50 everydunsparce: okay yeah Kanto is cooler but also
20:45:52 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> bits no
20:45:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> bits yes
20:46:08 everydunsparce: "I am the champion of this league. It says there in the rules." "Which you wrote." "IMMATERIAL"
20:46:10 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Because Remy and Pippi were born in Pokeverser Louisiana and in Pippi's case, lived most of her life there
20:46:19 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Ahhhh
20:46:25 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> swamp
20:46:29 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> The family moved back to Kalos because of Remy's grandfather's failing health
20:46:32 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> aw
20:46:43 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Because Remy and Pippi were born in Pokeverse Louisiana and in Pippi's case, lived most of her life there
20:47:01 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Setting up an Orren League sounds like an amazing thing to just make a Google doc about and work on in my spare time. I might actually do Kanto - I don't think ANY of my characters have been involved in an Arc that predominantly took place in Kanto
20:47:54 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i'm gonna shower and then probably spend most of today finishing Mask Of Shadows and then rereading Artemis Fowl
20:48:01 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I joined at the end of Kanto/Johto-2 and I would like to do stuff with Johto
20:48:08 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @BittersweetNSour cool
20:48:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Replaying Heartgold is a good time for it
20:48:19 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Or well
20:48:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Playing
20:48:25 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I never played HG or SS
20:48:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Verax Jhoto stuff sounds fun
20:48:34 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> I played SS for a bit
20:48:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Or Platinum for that matter
20:48:40 everydunsparce: Johto is l i t ~
20:48:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I went straight from Pearl to White
20:48:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Johto is very lit
20:48:57 everydunsparce: I don't know why, whenever I like something, I end up having most of my characters dislike it, and often vice-versa.
20:49:06 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Pffff
20:49:15 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> You are silly and contrary
20:49:17 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> it is indeed đŸ”„
20:49:19 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Even to people you create
20:49:29 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pets Every
20:49:48 everydunsparce: Me: -hates midtown, has Ever live in Nimbasa and talk about it constantly- Me: -loves Johto, has all my characters complain about it not having enough cities- Me: -loves Sinnoh, Ever hates it because it's cold-
20:50:24 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Jacob needs to make a plan for the Johto league with a stick
20:50:28 everydunsparce: oh my god
20:50:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob actually has not beaten the Johto league
20:51:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> BRING BACK THE COLOR STICK
20:51:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob planning for any battle ever:
20:51:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> https://i.imgflip.com/1ckxu7.jpg
20:51:43 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> (I bring up the color stick because that appeared on Route 45, right?)
20:51:58 everydunsparce: Jacob: "...Like, sequentially or-" Ever: "NO AT THE SAME TIME"
20:52:10 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Come to think of it Gen II didn't really have much villainy
20:52:15 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Just the last dregs of Team Rocket
20:52:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Jacob: http://i28.tinypic.com/20t0zk1.jpg
20:52:36 everydunsparce: "YOU HIT HIM HIGH I'LL ALSO HIT HIM HIGH"
20:52:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> that was a gif
20:52:48 everydunsparce: poor Jacob
20:52:51 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> why is that not a gif
20:52:57 everydunsparce: Also I love that movie so much cary ewes is so pretty
20:53:10 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/heh_robin_hood_men_in_tights.gif
20:53:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> MEN
20:53:35 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> IN
20:53:38 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> TIGHTS
20:53:58 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have never seen or heard of this movie I've just seen the gif
20:54:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
20:54:19 everydunsparce: It's a surprisingly funny movie.
20:54:48 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> What's it about?
20:54:55 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Robin Hood
20:55:00 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> As told in the style of Blazing Saddles
20:55:05 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Ahh
20:55:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Blazing Saddles?
20:55:32 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> another Mel Brooks film
20:55:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Mel Brooks?
20:55:38 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Johto:-actually lights up in flames, non-lethally-
20:55:39 everydunsparce: It's a parody, basically.
20:55:48 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ^
20:55:57 everydunsparce: Mel Brooks is a movie director(?) famous for genre parodies and occasionally parodies of specific shows.
20:55:57 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Mel Brooks: The guy who made Blazing Saddles, Space Balls, and Young Frankenstein
20:56:02 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Men in Tights is amazing
20:56:02 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ^
20:56:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ^ and ^^
20:56:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I know none of these names so I will just assume you're right
20:56:20 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Basically MADE the Parody movie until the Scary Movie and clones tore the whole thing down
20:56:43 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> We need to show you on a movie night or something
20:56:47 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> YES
20:56:53 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Because some of them have held up SHOCKINGLY well
20:56:55 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ended up trying Blazing Saddles, thinks they might be better watching it with someone else, but didn't stick with it for long enough
20:57:13 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G59JnM4JKNQ
20:57:33 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Ah yes Men in Tights
20:57:46 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> However Brooks best works was Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein
20:57:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Especially Young Frankenstein
20:58:09 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Some of his other work just wasn't as funny
20:58:17 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Such as Spaceballs
20:58:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> It had a few funny moments but honestly
20:58:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygE01sOhzz0
20:59:09 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I have seen all of Young Frankenstein
20:59:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Excuse you Spaceballs was a gem (but this should go in #actual-live-people at this point)
20:59:21 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Excuse you Spaceballs was a gem (but this should go in #actual-live-people at this point)
21:00:42 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> *combs the desert*
21:07:11 Bittersweet has joined the room
21:08:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Zinnia, watching Jacob and Ever Physically Tackle Lance: "SUCK IT LANCE"
21:09:06 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Also, you know how the best thoughts happen when you're either showering or staring into a refrigerator
21:09:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Because I had a Shower Thoughtℱ
21:09:18 everydunsparce: i've never had a thought so i can't relate
21:10:02 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Every: BE GONE THO- oh. Not here.
21:12:24 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> My original idea for the Jaide Family's early roots was that it was originally a family of rogues and bandits, who ended up SOMEHOW earning their way to a noble status through, ironically, less-than-noble means.
21:12:36 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I just realized that's literally the plot of Mask of Shadows
21:13:08 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> >"Rogue and bandits" "earning their way to noble status" That is basically how Privateers worked back in the day 😛
21:13:27 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The Paige family lost it upon the first World War
21:13:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Now, see, that's a maritime-specific term :P
21:13:35 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> With the Second cementing their new status
21:13:43 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Henry Morgan was a war criminal to the Spanish but was a minor noble to the British
21:16:22 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Ah, yes, privateering. Basically legal piracy, lol
21:16:47 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> As long as you're targeting the right ships =c
21:16:51 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> As long as you're targeting the right ships =v
21:17:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Maybe the Grant family had a pirate somewhere
21:17:16 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Naval police, really
21:17:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "We don't like to talk about him"
21:17:47 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Long as it's against enemies of the state and commerce, we don't care
21:18:09 everydunsparce: Revy: "Sellouts." -grumbles-
21:18:23 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Seems I missed a bit of a movie discussion?
21:19:20 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Nathaniel Grant the 3rd. Another one of my ancestors. Arceus my family has some weirdos."
21:19:24 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I figure having a odd family is a requirement to fit into WAAPT
21:19:29 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> I think check the actual-live-people channel?
21:20:06 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Odd family, not necessarily, it can merely be tragic!
21:20:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Back briefly!
21:20:22 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Pfft
21:20:27 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> -waves!-
21:20:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> DID SOMEBODY SAY
21:20:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> TRAGEDY
21:20:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Silas: "Well I'm safe there. My family isn't tragic."
21:20:37 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Verax no
21:20:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Bad Verax.
21:20:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> VERAX NO
21:20:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> "I raided kingdoms *before* it was legally sanctioned"
21:20:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> spritz with spray bottle
21:21:12 everydunsparce: Verax: I have said tragedy before!
21:21:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ACK ACK ACK
21:21:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> continues to spritz
21:21:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> is now v wet
21:21:30 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> as have i!
21:21:40 everydunsparce: actually that's a lie
21:21:42 everydunsparce: i've never said words
21:21:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Don't make me get the newspaper!
21:21:46 everydunsparce: verax can back me up on this
21:21:51 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> moist
21:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It's true
21:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> *gasp*
21:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> dries off Verax with a blowdrier
21:21:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> What a twiiist
21:21:58 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Every has never said any words
21:22:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> The plot of Mask of Shadows is that the main character, a common criminal, auditions their way into becoming a member of the queen's personal collection of assassins
21:22:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I am reading it!
21:22:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> (got dragged away before I could finish that thought >_>)
21:22:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> BUT YES
21:22:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That is
21:22:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> incredibly close
21:22:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Speaking of words and not saying them
21:22:28 everydunsparce: See? Verax has heard me talk and can confirm I only speak in vague mutters
21:22:34 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> to what I wanted to do for the Jaides
21:22:39 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And I can second that recommendation!
21:22:47 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...*ooooh*
21:22:48 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I'm still fucking broken over spiderman razors
21:22:51 everydunsparce: GOD
21:22:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I don't think I'll ever forget
21:23:04 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> spiderman what
21:23:11 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> spiderman razors
21:23:11 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Spiderman...
21:23:13 everydunsparce: wait verax if i talk but i don't say words does that make me the okami voice noises
21:23:14 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Spiderman...
21:23:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Verax there is a fucking hyphen!
21:23:22 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Every: Exactly
21:23:25 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> You're making him sound like a lawyer
21:23:27 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> why
21:23:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> David Spiderman attorney at law
21:23:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But Umbra
21:23:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Yes
21:23:50 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Spiderman razors and how they should replace toilet paper
21:23:50 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91rogH9qWHL._SL1500_.jpg
21:24:12 everydunsparce: Verax and I got very drunk and played Okami , and Verax said some words that almost parsed.
21:24:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> https://youtu.be/MznBzYNZCGY
21:24:29 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> didnt you say you wanted to replace all the water with ink?
21:24:38 everydunsparce: I said that.
21:24:44 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> yeah, you
21:24:48 everydunsparce: Then Verax said he was going to replace the toilet paper with spiderman razors
21:24:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Swimmink
21:24:56 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> The funny part was after I said that we paused and I said "wait did i just say spiderman razors"
21:24:58 everydunsparce: and then we both sort of died
21:25:06 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFFT
21:25:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It was beautiful
21:25:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my gosh
21:25:21 everydunsparce: we are strange people
21:25:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> sounds like it
21:25:28 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Verax who gave you the authority to say words
21:25:39 everydunsparce: they weren't words they were an incantation i think
21:25:42 everydunsparce: also i have
21:25:43 everydunsparce: eaten
21:25:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Congrat
21:25:50 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> eaten what
21:25:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I still have not eaten!
21:25:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> https://i.imgur.com/lnU7j0J.jpg
21:26:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Bitters: YOU MUST DO SO
21:26:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> That is who gave me permission to say words
21:26:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He's not a legitimate authoriy
21:26:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> he's BEAUTIFUL
21:26:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It's PERFECT
21:26:49 everydunsparce: no that's lysandre not ghetsis
21:26:58 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> YOU DON'T GET IT YET
21:27:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> BUT YOU WILL
21:27:07 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> I WANT EVERYONE TO BE BEAUTIFUL **JUST LIKE ME**
21:27:17 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> L-eye-sandre?
21:27:32 everydunsparce: Aster
21:27:34 everydunsparce: why
21:27:45 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Aster yes
21:27:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
21:28:04 everydunsparce: did someone say beholder bc i have emotions about those
21:28:06 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Be careful when you say that
21:28:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> My greatest exposure to them is Critical Role
21:28:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ASTER YES
21:28:28 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Yeah, there are some DnD players here and Beholders are...
21:28:30 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> : )
21:28:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> A terrible sight?
21:28:51 everydunsparce: ...aster
21:28:54 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/292/187/857.jpg
21:28:56 everydunsparce: you're going to make verax kill us
21:29:01 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I threw Beholders at my party 3 times
21:29:04 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I wouldn't want to see that
21:29:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also yes my dice are pun fueled
21:29:13 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ; )
21:29:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Aster, do you understand my pain in that I can't listen to any of Matt Mercer's roles as characters anymore
21:29:18 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I just hear them as Matt Mercer
21:29:22 everydunsparce: RIP that one Beholder on Shadar's tower
21:29:40 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I have not experienced it yet
21:29:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But I shall
21:29:43 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I still hear Chrom as Chrome and Kiritsugu as Kiritsugu but outside of that it's just Matt
21:29:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh, I shall
21:29:53 everydunsparce: also technically we've also encountered two zombie beholders
21:29:57 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Lucina's father is Blue Matt Mercer, Overwatch has Cowboy Matt Mercer
21:29:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> wELP
21:30:02 everydunsparce: two zombies, two death tyrants, and a regular beholder
21:30:04 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> One of them gave my character her fear of soldier NPCs dying because of her, another one we just cheesed through and it was great
21:30:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I'm going to use Shigure just for the horrible, horrible dissonance
21:30:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And a partridge in a pair tree
21:30:27 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> paer
21:30:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> pear
21:30:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> why cant i type
21:30:37 everydunsparce: Isn't that that one monster that's a rabbit on a stump
21:30:39 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> pare
21:31:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I just realized because of the user name change I haven't spent hours writing Eskat any more
21:31:20 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> oh my god
21:31:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Also I had no idea that Matt Mercer could sing until I heard Light Blue Matt Mercer's version of Lost In Thoughts
21:31:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> No, that's a hare, a pare is that thing that happens when someone is angry and looks at the target of said anger
21:31:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD THAT YET
21:31:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...I should listen
21:31:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I HAVE
21:31:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I JUST HADN'T HEARD IT *UNTIL* RECENTLY
21:32:07 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I only know Mercer as captain Yamato
21:32:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...*I should listen*
21:32:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> IT'S MY FAVORITE VERSION OF THE SONG
21:32:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I just like the instrumentation better but he's a surprisingly good vocalist
21:32:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ooooooh
21:33:04 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bctX959gnR4
21:33:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> YOU ARE THE OCEAN'S GAY WAVES
21:33:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...I need to find my headphones
21:33:27 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GRAT
21:33:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GRAY
21:33:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> DESTINED TO SEEK
21:33:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GRAY
21:33:34 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Speaking of which that's a good name to use
21:33:39 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> GAAAAAAAAAAAAY
21:33:45 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GRAY
21:33:46 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Now see I keep accidentally saying "ocean's GREAT waves"
21:33:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> GLAY
21:34:07 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> GREAT GRAY GAY
21:34:07 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> YOU ARE THE OCEAN'S CLAY WAVES
21:34:11 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Please gib glay
21:34:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Umbra: That's just PEFE!Every
21:34:17 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -Cowboy shows up throwing out a Palpitoad-
21:34:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my gosh
21:34:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Exactly!
21:34:58 everydunsparce: what's this about pefe!every
21:35:04 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> WHOMST SAID THE OCEANS GAY WAVES
21:35:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> She's gray and great
21:35:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GRAY
21:35:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> DAYDRE
21:35:12 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> GAY
21:35:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> A great gray gay
21:35:33 everydunsparce: she is gray but she is very small
21:35:36 everydunsparce: i mean she's not really
21:35:37 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> also lol @ light blue matt mercer
21:35:43 everydunsparce: but she's like, conceptually small
21:35:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> She is fantastic, though
21:36:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ... I have not needed to add HP to anything in a LONG time
21:36:09 everydunsparce: Verax: oh no
21:36:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Daydre: To differentiate him from Dark Blue Matt Mercer!
21:36:15 everydunsparce: Aster***: Aww thanks!
21:36:19 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> When was the last time you did it?
21:36:20 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> also im gay for azura
21:36:25 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i know
21:36:32 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Sometime during the Elganin arc
21:36:38 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh wow
21:36:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I think Pyra
21:36:45 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> That is a long time
21:36:46 everydunsparce: Really? Shadar didn't get any extra HP for all the shit we gave you? :P
21:36:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every: She really is! ^_^
21:36:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> He didn't need it
21:36:53 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i felt like it needed to be stated again
21:37:03 everydunsparce: good point
21:37:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every time you make a pun, a Fairy gains 200 hit points
21:37:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> If I gave him more health you guys probably would have died
21:37:20 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> yeah probably
21:37:21 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Does Kuu need the extra HP, though?
21:37:23 everydunsparce: oh god if she gains 200 per pun
21:37:26 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> im ready to die in the kuu fight
21:37:28 everydunsparce: same
21:37:35 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> We're already gonna die
21:37:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> kuu gets stronger every time a pun is made? it's like a dream come true
21:37:45 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Good because remember the Vecna fight
21:37:49 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Kuulossal fairy
21:37:49 everydunsparce: BITTERSWEET NO
21:37:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> WHAT
21:37:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> yeah no she's going to play smart too
21:37:52 everydunsparce: ASTER NO
21:38:13 everydunsparce: I do remember the Vecna fight but i drink to forget
21:38:23 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Verax can you decrease Kuu's HP for every pun Bsns makes?
21:38:24 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> kuunfortunate
21:38:29 everydunsparce: it was frightening
21:38:31 everydunsparce: DAYDRE
21:38:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Kuu's health is not decreasing ever xD
21:38:42 everydunsparce: what if we damage her
21:38:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I mean
21:38:51 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Aside from that
21:38:55 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i have a compulsion to make puns
21:38:56 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> The party: "guess I'll die"
21:39:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i would die for kuu but i am not part of the campaign anymore so i shall have to settle for making everyone else die for kuu
21:39:12 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> A Kuutastrophe
21:39:15 everydunsparce: ASter: That's us, basically
21:39:17 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> STOP.
21:39:24 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> maybe kattraea died for kuu and we didnt realize it
21:39:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> she absolutely died for kuu
21:39:37 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> she didn't even know kuu i don't think
21:39:40 everydunsparce: That seems disconcertingly likely.
21:39:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> but she died for kuu
21:39:55 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> She didn't know Kuu existed when she died but i can probably confirm she died for Kuu
21:40:01 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> You know, we're running kind of low on kuu whip
21:40:03 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> We all would...
21:40:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> DON'T SHE'S A TERRIBLE PERSON
21:40:17 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> I wouldn't 😄
21:40:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> SHE IS A TRAGIC PERSON
21:40:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> SHE'S JUST SPARKLY AND PAN
21:40:36 everydunsparce: I would not die for Kuu. She's a friend but she is somewhat evil.
21:40:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> somewhat
21:40:45 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> ~~I don't have a tabletop campaign to play so I want youa ll to suffer~~
21:41:06 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> She's a Well-Intentioned Extremist, IIRC.
21:41:11 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Nor would my character who I made up for Verax's next campaign who I gave a weird name
21:41:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 90% of my characters in general are well intentioned extremists
21:41:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I'm Weak For Tragic Villains Who Are Also Exceedingly Pretty
21:41:38 everydunsparce: My next character would die for basically anything so
21:41:45 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> So is Kai
21:41:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Or possibly was
21:41:51 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Yes
21:41:53 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Just to varying degrees of extreme
21:42:04 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Every: This sounds accurate from what you've described of them
21:42:06 everydunsparce: Was Clavatis? :P
21:42:07 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> The other 10% are like Pyra and Godriet
21:42:14 everydunsparce: FUCKING Godreit.
21:42:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And Clavatis is in there too yeah
21:42:30 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Godriet was a good child wasn't he
21:42:33 everydunsparce: Pyra was at least stylish Godriet was a HUGE DICK
21:42:50 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Kattraea knew Kuu existed as Nissa's patron at least
21:42:55 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Godriet had style He just wasn't as pretty
21:42:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> True
21:43:09 everydunsparce: Godriet was rude to Shadar!
21:43:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> That is a minor understatement
21:43:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> He was also rude to a lot of people
21:43:32 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I really do want to listen in to the final enkuunter when it happens
21:43:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It happens TOMORROW
21:43:41 everydunsparce: Bringing back someone's dead friend and then murdering her in front of them is a rude thing to do, Verax.
21:43:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> OH SHIT
21:43:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Wow
21:43:45 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Tomorrow, normal time!
21:43:52 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Kuul
21:43:55 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ...remind me what time
21:43:59 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> BLITZ
21:44:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 6:30 for you
21:44:00 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> STOP
21:44:01 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> 6:30, EST
21:44:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> okie
21:44:08 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Have fun~
21:44:12 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> 6:3- NINJAS
21:44:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh wow it's on Thursday
21:44:27 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> 🍿
21:44:28 everydunsparce: It is. o3o
21:44:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Now, to me, Thursday is DnDay
21:44:42 everydunsparce: I can neither confirm nor deny that Verax is Matt Mercer.
21:44:45 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Hey, actually, since we might have more people interested, Verax, care to host the voice chat in this server tomorrow?
21:44:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> WELP
21:45:00 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I
21:45:04 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ... Everyone who needs to hop in is on this server
21:45:17 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Including Nick and potentially Dragonstardusk
21:45:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So I might
21:45:22 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> oo3o
21:45:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oooooh
21:45:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pfffft
21:45:35 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Oh rip, I forgot about them, oops
21:45:42 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Oh they're on this server
21:45:58 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So they can hop in here too I'd just need to tell them
21:46:01 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh, huh, they are
21:46:51 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Obviously though, since it will be the final encounter, we'd ask that spectators stay muted for most of it. ^_^;
21:46:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Augh fuck I can't think of a way to adjust my schedule for tomorrow so I can listen in
21:46:56 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> D:
21:46:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I don't suppose someone could like
21:46:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Record it
21:47:00 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> 😩
21:47:02 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Idk
21:47:08 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> SOMEONE PROBABLY COULD
21:47:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I could
21:47:14 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> PLS DO
21:47:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I need
21:47:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> to experience
21:47:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> this
21:47:24 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> Heck yeck
21:47:25 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> iooh
21:47:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have a way to record my voice and screen but I don't know if it records other people's audio
21:47:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> On this new laptop
21:47:35 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Oh, I'd appreciate a recording too because I'll be gone for a lot of it
21:47:36 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oooh
21:47:44 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> maybe do a test run of the recording?
21:47:48 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> with voice chat stuff
21:47:50 TropiusCourier1: <ConflictedPsyches> You should also log into the Roll20 and read all of Nissa's speeches.
21:47:50 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> Verax: We could- yeah
21:47:51 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> As a note it's gonna be like 5~6 hours long so
21:47:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...wow
21:47:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> of course
21:48:11 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i can just treat it the same way i listen to critical role :P
21:48:30 TropiusCourier1: <Surprise Corvus> ~~Hopefully Junc doesn't die when I'm not there~~
21:48:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I listen to it in the car! On two-hour drives
21:48:39 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> i still need a campaign link but i would also be up for a recording just in case
21:53:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I'll just drop a link in some relevant channel tomorrow
21:53:42 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ok! #text-for-voice ?
21:54:10 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> ~~Will there need to be an Ethereal Bird for people or nah~~
21:54:12 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> or #the-game-corner ?
21:56:11 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> Thoughts on RP!Tagg thinking of being selfish for once in his life?
21:56:20 everydunsparce: I support him.
21:56:27 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Post @Aster**
21:56:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He deserves a break
21:56:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Tagg: About time, he needs a break :P
21:56:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And also friends
21:56:50 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> We exist, don't we?
21:56:58 everydunsparce: Ever: "So hey uh I ran into Tokarev on the raid how's your 2018 going"
21:57:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I haven't checked the RP yet, I'm still kinda depressed
21:57:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yes! But most of his old friends left and the new ones don't seem to connect in the same way mostly?
21:57:18 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> I echo Doc
21:57:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> [echo voice] "i'm great at leading teams, i can fill in for you"
21:57:23 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> RP!Tagg doesn't really have anyone to just hang out with though, they only really show up when someone needs help with something, lol
21:57:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> wait, the raid's started?
21:57:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> No!
21:57:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> it has not
21:57:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ok, good
21:57:46 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> that kinda scared me
21:57:49 ***everydunsparce pats Umbra
21:59:08 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Unfortunately RP!Blitz thinks he'd be annoying if he tried to hang out with RP!Tagg (plus he now has _yet another reason_ to just hide in the Stormchaser or a hotel room). And Tori's just kind of doing her own thing
21:59:29 TropiusCourier1: <Tagg> I'm currently on my way home so obviously I can't post yet
21:59:49 everydunsparce: Ever's just been occupied.
21:59:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Unfortunately, Megan also probably would (at least at first?) mostly see him as the guy who tied/won the Gold Tournament
22:00:05 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Oh by the way
22:00:10 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> I have the next three weekends off
22:00:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> WHOO
22:00:18 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> One of which will be spent at PAX South
22:00:21 everydunsparce: Ooh!
22:00:22 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Nice
22:00:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Or, depending on how far she is in the J-Team Show, or if she hears about him from other J-Teamers, probably also as the leader
22:00:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Awesome!!
22:01:09 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> So if nothing else I can have a LOT of time for the raid this weekend
22:01:25 everydunsparce: :)
22:01:52 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> On the plus side, Tori and RP!Tagg might be in Pokesona2 together, so they might be able to do something about his issues besides palace delving
22:03:04 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> well, I caught up to the RP at least
22:03:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Yay!
22:03:19 everydunsparce: ^_^
22:03:56 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> tied-won or twon
22:04:08 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Twooon
22:04:09 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> does want to see Tagg have a proper talk with Mew!Blitz sometime :P
22:04:16 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Threen
22:04:39 everydunsparce: n o
22:05:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...actually, that was a while ago, she might not recognize him from that?
22:05:23 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> RP!Tagg and Mew!Blitz _probably should_ have a proper talk at some point =p
22:05:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Un-fourn-tunately, y e s
22:07:12 everydunsparce: i'll fight you aster
22:07:18 everydunsparce: don't doubt me
22:07:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I wonder who produces the most interesting Ties that Bind-sight
22:07:33 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I would *never* doubt you, Every
22:07:41 everydunsparce: oh my gosh
22:08:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And I am a nerd who rarely swims, so your victory is likely assured
22:09:24 everydunsparce: i mean i am also a nerd
22:09:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I think I have the height advantage
22:09:37 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Swimming is good
22:09:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Yes just hold Every back with a straight arm and you'll win
22:09:54 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pffft
22:09:56 everydunsparce: VERAX
22:10:07 everydunsparce: WHY DO YOU MOCK ME
22:10:11 everydunsparce: I HAVE DONE NOTHING
22:10:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ~~a what arm~~
22:10:32 everydunsparce: good point
22:10:39 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> lifts Verax up and places him on top of Every
22:10:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Your f r i e n d s h i p
22:10:48 everydunsparce: help
22:10:56 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> your arm just turns to jello like Harry's did in that one scen in that one Harry Ptter movie
22:11:02 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh god
22:11:14 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ew, jello
22:11:17 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> *exists*
22:11:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> LIES
22:11:27 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi Izzy!
22:11:28 everydunsparce: IZZY
22:11:31 everydunsparce: I MISSED YOU SO MUCH
22:11:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every and I are fighting hypothetically
22:11:35 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> SLANDER
22:11:38 everydunsparce: I NEED A BETTER TREBUCHET
22:11:42 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah, you do.
22:11:51 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> A bigger one!
22:12:09 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> About the only reason I don't swim more IRL is because I ironically hate the process of going to public pools.
22:12:23 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Relatable
22:12:26 everydunsparce: water is Bad
22:12:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Relatable and also I’m lazy.
22:12:33 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Lies!
22:12:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Back when I lived in Michigan and my neighbor had a backyard pool they let us use whenever I practically lived in it
22:13:03 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pushes Blitz, Izzy, and Verax in the pool together
22:13:17 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> -Takes a nap while floating on his back-
22:13:26 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I love swimming but lacking clothes around strangers is discomfort
22:13:43 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> fair
22:13:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Water is Good
22:13:58 everydunsparce: i don't like swimming it's too easy to die
22:14:04 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Water is good you need it to live
22:14:09 everydunsparce: source
22:14:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> But yeah, I don't swim very often ^_^;
22:14:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> me
22:14:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Stars
22:14:20 everydunsparce: i have never in my life done a water
22:14:24 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And chemistry
22:14:25 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Well, yeah, but it's pretty easy to die by tripping and bashing your head on something too
22:14:51 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> In fact the human body is pretty fragile as a whole.
22:14:56 everydunsparce: no i have pretty good balance
22:15:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Water you talking about
22:15:09 everydunsparce: and i'm a capricorn which is not a water sign so the stars do not back you up here
22:15:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ASTER
22:15:12 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> But I learned to swim at like, age 6. So I'm biased =p
22:15:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> My dice
22:15:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> their power
22:15:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> it grows
22:15:46 everydunsparce: what's the opposite of a pun
22:15:49 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I used to swim all the time, i really should start again
22:15:50 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I'm always the one nobody worries about accidentally drowning when water activities happen, lol
22:15:52 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I think I learned basic non-walking locomotion late
22:16:14 everydunsparce: I get everywhere by somersaulting.
22:16:23 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I'm not fast at all but I can stay floating easily and that's all the counts imo
22:16:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Puns are wordplay, so the opposite would be colorwork?
22:16:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Dodge rolling is the superior method of movement
22:16:50 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Verax you should wear a wetsuit
22:16:53 everydunsparce: i'm going to paint verax's dice so he can't see the numbers
22:17:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Genius
22:17:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HAH
22:17:03 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> And dodge roll while swimming
22:17:06 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I HAVE ELECTRONIC DICE
22:17:11 everydunsparce: i'm going to paint your computer screen
22:17:15 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
22:17:18 everydunsparce: <3
22:17:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> So you can't see the numbers
22:17:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I HAVE MULTIPLE COMPUTERS
22:17:27 everydunsparce: i'll paint your eyes
22:17:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> CHECKMA- oh
22:17:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> We have more paint
22:17:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> pls no
22:17:43 everydunsparce: i can hear that in your voice
22:17:45 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> paint everything
22:17:55 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> is this splatoon
22:18:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
22:18:13 everydunsparce: i am not a squid squid isn't kosher
22:18:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> source
22:18:28 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I mean
22:18:29 everydunsparce: old testament
22:18:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I knew this
22:18:34 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> I hear it as [plÉȘz]
22:18:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But I still wanted to hear it
22:18:42 everydunsparce: <3
22:18:59 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Wait really squid isn’t kosher? Huh.
22:19:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pets Every
22:19:07 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> \<3
22:19:19 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> đŸ–€
22:19:19 everydunsparce: Yeah, it counts as a fish but it doesn't have fins or scales.
22:19:31 everydunsparce: Alternatively, it counts as a "creeping thing"
22:19:39 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ... fair
22:19:45 everydunsparce: But in a general way anything that lives underwater is counted as a fish
22:19:49 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I should have known that, huh
22:19:54 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Alright then
22:19:55 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> CTHULU IS NOT KOSHER
22:20:04 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> no calamari rings
22:20:05 everydunsparce: Oh hey Metanoia are you Jewish?
22:20:15 Mezzopiano has joined the room
22:20:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I would have been Jewish
22:20:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake Levi is allergic anyway
22:21:19 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Yes, Levi is allergic to seafood But he didn't know it because he never ate seafood So an allergy would never come up in a general context
22:21:30 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> But since my Jewish great grandma was on my dad's side of the family
22:21:31 everydunsparce: for all i know i'm allergic to shellfish ._.
22:21:47 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> And he only discovered the allergy by mistaking calamari rings for onion rings
22:21:52 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> so
22:21:53 everydunsparce: oh no
22:22:08 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh yes
22:22:09 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> just never eat unidentiafiable rings
22:22:16 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> of various states of fried
22:22:24 everydunsparce: this is eggman propaganda i'll eat all the rings i want
22:22:26 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> devours The One Ring
22:22:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Every: Pfffft
22:22:53 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> *consumes Lantern rings for the emotions*
22:22:59 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Umbra: No! Kan'al is in that! ;P
22:23:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> spits it out
22:23:16 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> o3o
22:23:24 everydunsparce: i'm sure they'll be fine
22:23:36 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> They will
22:23:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> *chucks Kan'al ring to the bottom of the Marianas Trench*
22:23:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> It's Umbra that we have to worry about
22:23:48 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh no
22:23:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Can you *imagine* the digestive problems
22:24:16 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ...i drink a lot of milk
22:24:18 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Cthluhu might have fins and scales? It depends on the artist
22:24:22 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *is kinda curious how Kan'al would think of other Obscurics*
22:24:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Isn't one of their only capabilities to cause digestive issues to...bearers?
22:24:40 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> ...are mermaids kosher
22:24:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Pretty much!
22:24:46 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Welp!
22:24:51 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Mermaids are just manatees
22:24:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Thus yes
22:25:00 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Well unless they are pork
22:25:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Manatees don't have scales
22:25:27 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> > Several People Are Typing
22:25:38 everydunsparce: Anyway neither mermaids nor manatees are kosher.
22:25:38 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Manatees are most closely related to elephants and hyraxes
22:25:39 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Kill a unicorn
22:25:45 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Drink its blood
22:25:46 everydunsparce: Nor unicorns.
22:25:50 everydunsparce: Nor, frankly, blood.
22:25:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I hear it grants immortality
22:26:05 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Dragons?
22:26:06 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Blood is not I do know that
22:26:17 everydunsparce: All reptiles are non-kosher.
22:26:18 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Oh, yeah, hyraxes are explicitly non-kosher, I think?
22:26:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Dragon is just giant lizard
22:26:20 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ohh
22:26:32 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @CorvusAtrox oh, huh
22:26:46 everydunsparce: If you assume a dragon is a bird then it would be kosher.
22:26:54 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> That was me asking because I'm unsure
22:26:54 everydunsparce: If you assume it is a mammal it would not be.
22:27:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh neat!
22:27:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> What about annoying younger siblings?
22:27:05 everydunsparce: If you assume it is a gestalt creature than it is not kosher.
22:27:08 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Are they kosher?
22:27:22 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> You sure?
22:27:26 everydunsparce: EXTREMELY
22:27:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Okay
22:27:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> What if the younger sibling isn't human?
22:27:38 everydunsparce: ...depends what it is
22:27:45 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Martian!
22:27:47 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Wait, what if Dragons fall under the same thing as hawks, if you count them as birds?
22:27:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> By the way Every I very much appreciate Ever and his last line in your most recent post affirms it
22:27:56 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> @waapters Another joint D!Post from me and Herbs
22:27:57 everydunsparce: 32Bit: <3
22:28:00 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Do people with split personalities count as gestalt humans
22:28:11 everydunsparce: MindMessiah what the f u c k
22:28:28 everydunsparce: Also, Crow, there is an explicit blacklist for birds and anything not on it is fair game.
22:28:31 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He also solves his internal issues with ghost occupation!
22:28:32 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> No
22:28:34 everydunsparce: Dragons are not listed, thus I can eat them.
22:28:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> > Carmilla
22:28:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Gestalts are combination personalities
22:28:48 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> The public want to know if Shard/Lucille is kosher
22:28:50 everydunsparce: why is everyone trying to get me to eat people
22:28:55 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Split personalities are not gestalts
22:29:04 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> every: I am not, but with my background, I should know more about that kind of thing
22:29:07 everydunsparce: no human is kosher we neither chew our cud nor do we have split hooves
22:29:10 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> And yeah D!Post too
22:29:11 everydunsparce: Metanoia: Oh, cool!
22:29:18 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Don't remind me of my JoJo's server's discussion on what is and isn't vegan
22:29:19 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Every: Oh, Cool. I was mostly saying that because I remember you mentioning something about PokeBird Kosher being Weird
22:29:22 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> also
22:29:26 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> hey, more cannibalism
22:29:30 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Bulbasaur are not vegan
22:29:36 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I think you got the nickname and species mixed up.
22:29:38 everydunsparce: STOP TRYING TO GET ME TO EAT PEOPLE
22:29:41 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Souls are pickles and thus are vegan
22:29:42 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Even if you only eat the bulb
22:29:47 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Bulbasaur strike me as omnivours
22:29:52 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> soul eating is vegan
22:29:58 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> vegan cannibalism
22:30:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Are sentient plants kosher
22:30:11 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Souls are either pickles or taffy, depending on how pleasant the person it belongs to is
22:30:18 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Bulbasaur is a full course meal
22:30:21 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Both meat and veg
22:30:34 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Verax: I think sentient plants count as creeping things
22:30:38 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Are Latios kosher? \:P
22:30:40 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Since Plant Pokemon have blood
22:30:41 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> What if they don't move
22:30:41 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> thus, not kosher
22:30:44 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Oh yeah, don't more evil souls taste better?
22:30:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Except Cacturne
22:30:52 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Who have sand
22:31:03 everydunsparce: Sapient plants would be kosher.
22:31:08 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Verax: sentient plants are inherently creepy as a concept
22:31:13 everydunsparce: Latii are birds and thus kosher
22:31:36 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> Muninn: -flatly- <I feel so validated>
22:31:39 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Creepy, but not creeping.
22:31:41 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Latii are too precious.
22:31:43 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever's team could have shared with him!
22:31:48 everydunsparce: But Muninn was not appropriately slaughtered and is thus not kosher!
22:31:54 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ahh
22:31:57 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> But Munnin was not butchered properl- I figured
22:31:58 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> 0_o
22:32:02 everydunsparce: You have to kill the animal by cleanly slitting its throat!
22:32:09 everydunsparce: And it cannot suffer pain first!
22:32:10 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Muninn was slaughtered in a narratively appropriate fashion!
22:32:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> WELP
22:32:21 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake @MindMessiah They look cool!
22:32:21 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> narratively, but not kosherly
22:32:24 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> God, Ever, get your butchering skills together.
22:32:25 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> o_0
22:32:43 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Umbra: ^_^
22:32:52 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Several people have been typing this whole conversation
22:32:57 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Anyway @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake @MindMessiah I love them and would give my life essence for them
22:32:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> (in the middle of life-or-death combat with a legendary who wants you dead)
22:33:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> They are good yes
22:33:07 everydunsparce: anyway uh sorry herbs and pippi i've been trying to get back to y'all on these two but I AM DEALING WITH WEIRD QUESTIONS
22:33:11 everydunsparce: Anyway I love them
22:33:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Every are you kosher
22:33:22 everydunsparce: no
22:33:25 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> why
22:33:26 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I am atheistic.
22:33:31 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> noms Verax
22:33:33 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> I'll respond when not on computer
22:33:37 everydunsparce: i'm also poisonous because I've eaten milkweed from a young age
22:33:39 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> but yes
22:33:42 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Ah
22:33:49 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> is nommed
22:33:51 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> these characters are f u n and we have p l a n s
22:33:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> GOOD
22:33:55 everydunsparce: i love them
22:33:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Definitely not kosher. -belch-
22:34:15 everydunsparce: under no circumstance
22:34:17 everydunsparce: is any human
22:34:18 everydunsparce: kosher
22:34:25 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Are transformed people kosher?
22:34:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also I'm replaying SMTIVA and Vishnu fights with lightsabers
22:34:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And it's funny.
22:34:39 everydunsparce: Verax: :D
22:34:43 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> LIGHTSABERS
22:34:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Like, literal actual lightsabers
22:34:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/f/f0/Vishnuflynn_II_SMTIVA_Official_Art.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160809185216
22:34:48 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> "under no circumstance"
22:35:05 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> vwoom
22:35:13 everydunsparce: tangent if you try and work out a counterargument i'm going to raise a fucking golem and have it break your door
22:35:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -Caster of Black peeks up over Every's shoulder-
22:35:39 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> over a circumstance tho
22:36:22 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> peers up over Every's other shoulder, just cause
22:36:26 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> People transformed into Mons/animals
22:36:29 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Are they kosher
22:36:47 everydunsparce: CASTER OF BLACK I'M P SURE WAS JEWISH
22:36:57 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> That was the joke every
22:37:02 everydunsparce: OKAY
22:37:04 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> "Ever: Well, I'm resolving my interpersonal issues with fairy bargains." ever yes
22:37:12 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Is the word kosher kosher?
22:37:13 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Caster of Black was definitely jewish yes
22:37:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Is language kosher?
22:37:22 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> What does that word even *mean*?
22:37:23 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And internal issues with ghost occupation!
22:37:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> He's kind of an ass
22:38:11 everydunsparce: Kosher is Hebrew for "fit, appropriate" and refers to the Jewish dietary law, among other things.
22:38:17 everydunsparce: Izzy: ME TOO
22:38:21 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I mean
22:38:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Oh, @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake @MindMessiah Which one of the two is written by which of you?
22:38:43 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Carmilla by moi
22:38:43 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Would you try an sacrifice your apprentice/master to complete your life's work?
22:38:47 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Would you try and sacrifice your apprentice/master to complete your life's work?
22:38:49 everydunsparce: Yes.
22:38:50 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Livy by Herbs
22:38:50 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Okie
22:38:53 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ... Fair
22:38:58 everydunsparce: <3
22:39:07 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I don't know what I was expecting
22:39:22 everydunsparce: me neither
22:40:34 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> >Mozart I see what you did there, pippi
22:41:00 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> T W I N K
22:41:07 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> every i am wounded i do not seek exceptions to every rule i was merely noting that transformed humans are not kosher open and shut case
22:41:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> RP!Tagg: "Welp."
22:41:14 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> TWONK.
22:41:23 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> I dunno.
22:41:27 everydunsparce: Tangent: <3<
22:41:50 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Alternatively, in a hypothetical future: Megan: "Welp."
22:42:07 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> please remove your golem from my premises it is eating my skittles and i do not think a golem with a sugar high is desireable
22:42:17 everydunsparce: Ever wouldn't sacrifice a master/apprentice. I would. :P
22:42:23 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Sugar Golem
22:42:24 everydunsparce: Tangent: No this is what you dserve
22:42:29 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I think I'll post when I get on my laptop
22:42:30 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> every why would you program a golem to do that
22:42:30 everydunsparce: golem maximizer
22:42:37 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> WMG: Tagg's apprentices follow the Rule of Two
22:42:42 everydunsparce: Izzy: i'm a difficult person
22:42:57 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> WMG: RP!Tagg's apprentices follow the Rule of Two
22:43:01 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> I'd buy it
22:43:06 everydunsparce: MindMessiah: Would that mean Ever and Maggie have to battle to the death for the right to challenge Tagg?
22:43:09 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> i mean yes it is what i deserve but why did you do it
22:43:10 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I mean, the theme naming with Carmilla's pokemon is twofold and kinda obvious
22:43:16 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> Ever: Well, I'm resolving my interpersonal issues with fairy bargains. Priceless
22:43:28 everydunsparce: Tangent: Fairy! <3
22:43:31 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Every: Yes
22:43:31 everydunsparce: Blitz Train: ^_^
22:43:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Every: ahh
22:43:35 everydunsparce: MindMessiah: Oh no
22:44:57 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> An odd one-liner, inspired by recent conversation:
22:44:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I was half-expecting Carmilla to literally be Elizabeth Bathory having faked her death with the spoilertext.
22:45:08 everydunsparce: Yeah same
22:45:15 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> o3o3o3o3
22:45:18 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> o3o3o3o3o
22:45:22 everydunsparce: Aster: Oh?
22:45:34 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Thespi: <We're gonna take Death of the Author! And we're gonna make it *literalllllll!!!*> -guns blazing-
22:45:39 everydunsparce: amazing
22:45:44 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Wait, Thespi's author is me
22:45:58 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> These look great
22:46:01 everydunsparce: but also there's a Castform in my house with a raygun please help
22:46:17 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Thespi yes but also don't kill Aster.
22:46:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> How is she even holding that
22:46:33 everydunsparce: specialized harness?
22:47:02 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> same as the gunsparce
22:47:11 everydunsparce: the gunsparce is a marvel of modern technology
22:47:28 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Blastform
22:47:41 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> pfff
22:47:59 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Also, I can't believe every Cain is descended from a vampire
22:48:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I can!
22:48:08 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> They're wonderful
22:48:14 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> In retrospect, so can I
22:48:16 TropiusCourier1: <🍊> @Mephistopheles' Weed Cake @MindMessiah looking forward to seeing how they play out
22:48:21 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Only the Kalosian galf of the Cains
22:48:30 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Only the Kalosian half of the Cains
22:48:32 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh, I was gonna say
22:48:36 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Lucanus was not a vampire
22:48:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Psyche has extremely elaborate dresses, and Lucius is...Lucius
22:48:56 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Livius, the older brother, is the vamp
22:49:03 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ohh
22:49:15 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> still edgy emo family
22:49:25 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Still
22:49:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And I love them
22:49:50 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
22:50:13 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> I mean Lucius hates sunlight, wears all black and sucks the life out of everyone he comes to know
22:50:19 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww
22:50:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> hdsfjklhdsfhdsaljdf
22:50:28 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> pffffff
22:50:28 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> yes but Lucius is a self made vampire
22:50:36 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Sounds like my brother - *is bricked in the chest*
22:50:36 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> asdfghjkl;
22:50:37 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFFFT
22:50:37 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He's also undead
22:50:42 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> he pulled himself up from his vampiric bootstraps
22:50:48 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> He is, unlike most vampires
22:50:50 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Is Lucius a wight
22:50:55 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> he did not inherite his vampirism
22:50:55 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> probably
22:51:03 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> I'm p sure Lucius is a wight
22:51:34 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> WMG: Yveltal will get angry at Lucius enough to make him a Chinese Vampire
22:51:40 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> So that he can only move by hopping
22:51:54 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh my god
22:51:55 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> ...does this mean a lot of undead are just people with prosthetics or supplements for life force stuff?
22:51:56 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Dune yes
22:52:44 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Oh... Dune, YES.
22:52:47 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Lucius: -skips merrily everywhere because it's the only way he can move without looking like a COMPLETE fool-
22:52:58 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> bet that would make him hopping mad
22:53:07 everydunsparce: d
22:53:08 everydunsparce: daydre
22:53:09 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> He might have to smile or it won't match
22:53:10 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> DAYDRE
22:53:15 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> DAYDRE
22:53:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> daydre
22:53:18 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Daydre!
22:53:24 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> DONKEY
22:53:25 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> me!
22:53:32 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Absent!
22:53:34 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> !erdyaD
22:53:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> KHAAAAAAAN
22:53:45 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Rocky!
22:53:51 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Spongebob
22:53:55 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> SAKURAI!
22:53:56 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> D A Y D R E
22:54:17 TropiusCourier1: <DuneTheWanderer> Wow, we *are* loopy today
22:54:17 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> yes 💜 ?
22:54:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ***STRAYLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR***
22:54:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi 💙
22:54:37 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> hello 💜
22:54:41 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> BULER
22:54:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> hi
22:55:03 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> hai
22:55:11 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> hewwo
22:55:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> shoots herb
22:55:21 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> *goodbye*
22:55:29 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gaaaaaal
22:55:40 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> what even is this chat anymore
22:55:40 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> *me dies*
22:55:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hello...It's me...
22:55:47 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> SEND ME A KISS BY WIRE
22:55:49 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> We're Losing It
22:55:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> bitty: I don't even know
22:55:58 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> We Are All Losing It
22:56:02 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> WAALI
22:56:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I can't be sleep deprived now, it's only like five
22:56:12 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> WALUIGI
22:56:18 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> umbra yes
22:56:34 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> We All Let Umbra Into...
22:56:50 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i dunno
22:57:05 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> waal-e?
22:57:06 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> We All Let Umbra Into Ghost Incidents
22:57:08 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i
22:57:16 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i meant to type wall-e
22:57:24 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> bitters yes
22:57:29 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Van Der Wall-E
22:57:41 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> w a a l - e
22:57:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> bitty yes
22:58:01 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ever is ghost incidents!
22:58:15 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Ever *is* ghost incidents
22:58:19 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> He is.
22:58:22 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Okay finally back at my compy
22:58:26 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Hi!
22:58:28 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> WTF is going on?
22:58:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> We don't even know
22:58:41 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> We thought you were never ever coming back ever and we panicked
22:58:49 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> From you Aster
22:58:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Daydre made a pun and we all fell into chaos
22:58:53 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That I can believe
22:58:58 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> That I can also believe
22:58:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
22:59:06 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aww, thanks
22:59:14 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Moral of the story: blame daydre for everything
22:59:29 everydunsparce: Ever: "I wouldn't call myself the new Ghost Lord." Brie: "Oh thank goodne-" Ever: "It feels way too gendered. Let's go with Ghost Divinity."
22:59:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I just got back and Izzy yes I agree
22:59:40 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> every yes
22:59:40 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFT
22:59:40 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> :c
22:59:42 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> At this point I'm 90% convinced that Daydre is a Shard of Calamity
22:59:42 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Oh my god
22:59:50 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> yes
22:59:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Aster you are just so nice and friendly
22:59:53 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> what qm i then
22:59:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Daydre is the pun shard of calamity
22:59:58 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> >:c
22:59:58 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> (verax voice) DID SOMEBODY SAY DAYDRE
22:59:59 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> How are you this upbeat and pleasant?
23:00:11 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aaaaa thanks
23:00:14 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> I dunno!
23:00:19 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I think we need to get Aster a new role
23:00:24 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Aster Is A Ray Of Sunshine
23:00:25 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> The "Cinnamon Roll"
23:00:42 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Aster is yellow and it fits
23:00:45 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Pippi: You're 50 billion anime boyfriends it's right there in your name
23:00:50 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> https://local.theonion.com/beautiful-cinnamon-roll-too-good-for-this-world-too-pu-1819576048
23:00:53 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Aspiring Ray of Sunshine
23:00:54 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> i mean
23:00:55 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This is Aster
23:00:59 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> fair
23:01:02 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> but wait
23:01:12 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> how can i have 50 billion anime boyfriends
23:01:19 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> there's more?
23:01:22 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> if i am the 50 billion anime boyfriends
23:01:22 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Carefully
23:01:24 everydunsparce: okay i'm heading out for now
23:01:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> you are the collection of boyfriends
23:01:28 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> bye every
23:01:28 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Later Every
23:01:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> you have the fifty million within
23:01:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> billion
23:01:37 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> You're the boyfriend hivemind
23:01:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> fifty billion
23:01:39 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> EVERY NO DON'T LEAVE ME
23:01:46 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> largest polycule ever
23:02:00 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I'm actyually @Verax's 50 billion anime boyfriends but they're all just Karna
23:02:06 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> Boyfriends can have other boyfriends.
23:02:07 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Each of the 50 billion Anime boyfriends has 50 billion Anime boyfriends
23:02:08 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> and yet he still can't roll it in FGO
23:02:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> THAT MANY KARNA'S IS TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD
23:02:19 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> claims Verax as his own in Every's absence
23:02:20 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> I'm sorry verax I do not want to leave you but I want to go to the library
23:02:27 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> I need Books
23:02:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> okay
23:02:32 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> So I can become Wise
23:02:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> ACQUIRE BOOK
23:02:37 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> Even with 50 billion Karnas
23:02:42 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> So I can be summoned as a Caster
23:02:48 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> he'd still role Arjuna dupes
23:02:48 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> i supoort you
23:02:56 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Karna does not love me
23:03:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Which is fair because no one does
23:03:15 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Aaaaaaaa
23:03:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> I LOVE YOU VERAX
23:03:18 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Bittersweet what's the name of the color assassins book
23:03:21 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> And bye Every!
23:03:24 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Mask of Shadows?
23:03:24 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Mask of Shadows
23:03:27 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Thank
23:03:34 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Gonna see if I can find it maybe
23:03:35 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Ooooh
23:03:36 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> I love assassinating color.
23:03:46 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> I was gonna talk about Arjuna and I wrote "boyfriend" instead of "brother" verax
23:03:55 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> My preferred way of doing so is painting it black.
23:03:57 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Maybe you will!
23:03:59 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i appreciate you verax
23:04:15 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Morph xDDD
23:04:17 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> Mezzo: With Stuart Semple's Black 2.0?
23:04:23 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> I see a red door and I wanted it painted black~
23:04:24 TropiusCourier1: <Mezzopiano> nods.
23:04:33 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> excellent
23:04:33 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> i need sleep
23:04:39 TropiusCourier1: <50 Billion Anime Boyfriends> night yall
23:04:45 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Nighto
23:04:47 everydunsparce: night!
23:04:48 TropiusCourier1: <Aster***> Good night!
23:05:00 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> no colors anymore, i want them to turn black
23:05:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Night Morph
23:05:06 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Night, 5*10^10
23:05:12 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> oh by the way
23:05:15 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i just remembered
23:05:15 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> maybe then i'll fade away and not have to face the facts
23:05:26 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> it's 2018, so that means the new color of the year has taken effect
23:05:27 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Straylor?
23:05:30 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> and i am at my strongest
23:05:35 TropiusCourier1: <Unerwartete Apfelkiste> Oh right!
23:05:40 everydunsparce: Metanoia no we enjoy your presence
23:05:43 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> something something something something rhyming with black
23:05:47 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> it's a song
23:05:49 everydunsparce: I know those are song lyrics but still
23:05:49 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> but thanks
23:05:53 everydunsparce: I just wanted to say that
23:05:59 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> i see
23:06:07 everydunsparce: okay actually heading out now
23:06:15 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Bai
23:06:40 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Also at some point I should update the Cain family tree to reflect All This Bullshit
23:07:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> At some point the person who keeps track of it just slaps a paper lable on it that says "A ton of Bullshit"
23:07:19 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFT
23:07:19 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> that person is kai
23:07:29 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> not even keeping track of it
23:07:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> just slapping the label on
23:07:41 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> "a ton of bullshit"
23:07:56 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> its not easy facing up when your whole world is black!
23:07:59 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> thats what it is!
23:08:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> So apparently my mom has all this wine she got for new years that she doesn't want any more because alcoholism runs in my family
23:08:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Or well hers
23:08:57 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And so long story short typing is hard and in BoTW I keep falling off things
23:09:10 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> VERAX NO
23:09:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Don't worry I'm fgine
23:09:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Gine
23:09:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Fine.
23:09:47 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> :verax:
23:09:50 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> You cannot call me out on that I have a hard time typing in general
23:09:56 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> fair
23:09:56 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> This is true
23:12:18 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> this is indeed true
23:12:25 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> hours of typing "eskat" will attest to that
23:12:42 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> e s k a t
23:12:43 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Biter is much easier to type so I'm happier now
23:12:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> :3
23:13:13 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> ... biter
23:13:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Yes
23:13:22 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> my ring finger hurts and idk why
23:13:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Nom
23:13:26 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
23:13:31 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> RIP
23:13:40 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also for the record I jsut about wrote rope
23:13:48 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> i feel like a ring finger hurting is some sort of omen
23:13:50 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> No rope is nt why your finger hurts
23:13:58 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> what
23:14:10 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> How can you be sure
23:14:21 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> My ring is stuck on my ring finger but it doesn't hurt so
23:14:33 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Because I pope and pope is one letter away from rope so I rope
23:14:37 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And I nope rope daydre
23:14:47 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> This chat moves fast
23:15:01 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> and my other ring finger doesnt work exactly right anymore bc i jammed it while playing volleyball once so it makes a cracking noise when i bend it sometimes
23:15:05 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes, it does
23:15:08 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Oh dear
23:15:12 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Eeeep
23:15:18 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i think my doctor said it's not a problem
23:15:27 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> it doesnt hurt it just makes noises
23:15:28 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> fuck
23:15:45 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> My left thumb is like that, hurts like a mf when I nudge it once in a while
23:16:01 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> That Is Concerning
23:16:05 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Well not the pain, but I do have the cracking noise
23:16:15 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> well if any of you meet me irl you can be sure it's me i dont think this is a common problem
23:16:21 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> Well not the pain, but I do have the cracking noise to go with it
23:17:42 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> you know i forgot this weekend was magfest again
23:17:56 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> if i'd remembered there could have been some plan made for it
23:18:21 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> Ouch.
23:18:25 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> alas
23:18:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Cons are fake
23:18:46 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> not like i actually had the money for it anyway lmao
23:19:22 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> aw
23:19:32 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> alas
23:20:47 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I haven't been to a con in... four and a half years
23:21:06 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i went to one last year with a friend
23:21:20 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> ... it's still surreal thinking of 2017 as last year
23:21:22 TropiusCourier1: <Blitz Train> I haven't been to one ever T_T
23:21:29 everydunsparce has left the room
23:21:41 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> I have never been to a con
23:21:43 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Daydre don't remind me
23:21:48 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hell I'm still waiting on my money
23:22:10 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 2017 has yet to be scheculed what are you talking about
23:22:39 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> 2017 never existed
23:22:41 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> it's still 2010
23:22:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> whats a waapt
23:22:48 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> why are we all here
23:22:52 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> 2007 was still three years ago
23:22:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I wish 2010-2014 was fun for me
23:23:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 4-7 not so much
23:23:07 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
23:23:10 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> 14-17
23:23:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I don't even remember 2004
23:23:27 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> The times before 2010 are fake
23:23:30 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> 2004 was the best year of my life
23:23:51 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Whomst the fuck is 2004
23:24:03 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> I remember 2004
23:24:12 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> I don't.
23:24:14 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -War flashbacks-
23:24:22 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -Flash backs to Ala Mhigo-
23:24:22 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> it's when i wrote my first fanfic
23:24:22 TropiusCourier1: <Metanoia> my favorite games came out about that time
23:24:36 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -Flashbacks to Ala Mhigo-
23:25:59 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I was 8
23:26:19 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> That would have been about the time I got my GBA SP
23:26:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
23:26:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have never felt old before now
23:26:32 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> i was five
23:26:37 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> same
23:26:41 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> idk what i was doing then
23:26:43 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> probably like
23:26:50 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> watching vhs tapes or someshit
23:27:12 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I have like one memory from when I was 2, one from when I was 3, and one when I was 5
23:27:35 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Granted the memory from when I was 2 is like a memory of a memory of a memory now
23:28:06 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> thats a lot of memories in one sentence
23:28:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Yeh
23:28:24 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> yeh
23:28:43 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> verax's memories are fibonacci sequenced
23:28:53 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Pffft
23:28:54 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> But like I hated Disney movies and we were watching Hunchback and so instead of watching I went and put an Esmeralda doll in a wooden toy chest and then closed it, reopened it and started crying because I couldn't find it after I put it in there
23:28:56 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amaze
23:29:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> oh, wow
23:29:15 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> And that's like, my earliest memory
23:29:20 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> you're magic, verax
23:29:22 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> magic
23:29:23 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> omnious
23:30:06 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> my earliest memory is the guinea pig at preschool
23:30:08 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Next day was my 3rd birthday or at least that's been since like I was 12 my next oldest memory was my 3rd birthday and being hoisted up to look at my cake Wtf are memories
23:30:32 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> good question
23:30:47 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Notoriously unreliable
23:30:57 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Yes
23:31:03 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> just look at kai and psyche
23:31:07 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Verax you are a Delight
23:31:09 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> very unreliable
23:31:13 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFT
23:31:19 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also since I'm irresponsibly inebriated what game should I play right now BoTW, Fallout NV or Skyrim-
23:31:24 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Bittie yes and EVERY AWWW
23:31:26 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> BoTW
23:31:27 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Thank
23:31:34 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> NV!
23:31:35 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> VERAX YOU ARE VERY MUCH A DELIGHT
23:31:35 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Botw
23:31:42 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Bottle of the Wine
23:31:43 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> EVERY
23:31:45 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> Breath Of the Vegasrim
23:31:53 TropiusCourier1: <32bit> we are thankful you have graced us with your face
23:32:00 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> ^
23:32:02 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I appreciate the sentiment 64bit
23:32:09 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> pets Verax affectionately
23:32:09 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> Every you are a bad influence and Verax you are a delight
23:32:15 TropiusCourier1: <64bit> you're welcome
23:32:21 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> you are a good boi verax
23:32:26 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> I am an imp what do you expect 💙
23:32:27 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> the bits have resumed multiplying
23:32:31 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> And oooh oooh it's a pun cause he's seeing double
23:32:38 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Ayyyyy
23:32:38 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yes
23:32:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HERBS I'M GLAD YOU GOT IT
23:32:47 TropiusCourier1: <64bit> HAH
23:32:50 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> PFFFT
23:32:51 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> theres two bitters
23:32:55 Tagg has joined the room
23:32:56 Tagg: Back
23:33:01 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Also EVERY I MISSED YOU WE BOTH NEED NEW TREBUCHETS NOW
23:33:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HI TAGG
23:33:14 TropiusCourier1: <two bits> HEY TAGG
23:33:18 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Aww thank izzy
23:33:23 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also I'm gonna go with NV because I can record myself
23:33:29 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> the bits have divided
23:33:29 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> But also I'm still on mobile for a while
23:33:30 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> hi tagg
23:33:31 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> HI TAGG
23:33:33 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
23:33:36 TropiusCourier1: <Horatio Nullbuilt> Hello Tagg
23:33:36 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> wb tagg
23:33:40 TropiusCourier1: <e💙erydunsparce> Hiya Tagg
23:33:42 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> the bits have mitosisized
23:33:51 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> TWO WHOLE BITS
23:34:00 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> You gonna give your two bits
23:34:05 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> -hugs bittersweet close-
23:34:07 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> no they're mine
23:34:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> no give
23:34:12 TropiusCourier1: <two bits> huggles~~~~~~~
23:34:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> only keep
23:34:33 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> can't we split Verax
23:34:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> no
23:34:45 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> ):
23:34:46 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
23:35:04 TropiusCourier1: <two bits> no see, the reason i'm only two bits now is because the other 62 bits have been distributed among the rest of you
23:35:11 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> AH
23:35:13 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> HAH
23:35:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> AH HAH HAH
23:35:29 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Also I should see if this recording thing picks up other people's voices
23:35:34 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> the bits were inside us the whole time
23:35:41 Tangerine🍊: I am home
23:35:41 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> herbert no
23:35:41 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> :O
23:35:45 TropiusCourier1: <two bits> l-lewd
23:35:47 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> no herb thats vore
23:35:51 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> BITTIE NO
23:35:54 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> wbb tangent
23:35:56 Tangerine🍊: Give us the bits!
23:35:58 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> wb tangent
23:36:03 Tangerine🍊: THE BITS THE BITS THE BITS
23:36:18 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> BITS FOR EVERYONE
23:37:49 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> \o/
23:37:55 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> WOOOO
23:37:59 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> :-D
23:38:03 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> BUT NOT MINE WTF
23:38:07 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> why
23:38:10 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> rip
23:38:12 TropiusCourier1: <MindMessiah> D-:
23:38:33 TropiusCourier1: <so... ✶ chunks, huh?> WHAT
23:38:34 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> I just have a video of me in a discord room with other people talking and hearing myself on their end
23:38:42 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> bitty no
23:38:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> amazing
23:39:38 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> OKAY THERE WE GO
23:39:45 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> yay
23:39:46 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> It turns out I had my mic disabled for recordings
23:39:48 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Which
23:39:50 TropiusCourier1: <so... ✶ chunks, huh?> YAY
23:39:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Why
23:39:52 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> yaaaay
23:39:53 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> That would do it yes
23:40:41 TropiusCourier1: <so... ✶ chunks, huh?> i must go do a thing
23:40:48 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Go
23:40:50 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Do the thing
23:40:57 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> go, your planet needs you
23:41:27 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> https://i.imgur.com/Rhhu4Ta.jpg
23:41:35 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *lives*
23:41:42 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> shoots
23:42:08 Bittersweet has left the room
23:42:11 TropiusCourier1: <The Absent Coder> *takes bullet to head and still lives because head is just that durable*
23:42:21 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> We need a bigger gun
23:42:31 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> that wasnt an evoker was it
23:42:44 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Evokers aren't actual guns tho
23:42:47 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> They just look like guns
23:42:52 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> They can't actually shoot things
23:43:02 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Evokers are best gun
23:43:09 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> THEY'RE NOT REAL GUNS
23:43:11 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> Just like The Climb is best boss
23:43:16 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> ...
23:43:17 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> XD
23:43:18 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Okay
23:43:20 TropiusCourier1: <Verax> Acceptable
23:43:30 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Izshta Is it OK if I end the encounter with Everyone Getting Foodℱ?
23:43:38 TropiusCourier1: <✹𝕮𝖟𝖟𝖎𝖊 𝖎𝖘 đ•č𝖔𝖇𝖚 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖁𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖝✹> Yeah that's what I figured
23:43:46 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> OK, cool
23:44:51 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> maybe it was an evoker that was also a gun
23:46:27 TropiusCourier1: <Skyzerk> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ro3FMz9ClU I think Reborn has one of those
23:48:44 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> oh yeah i forget about reborn sometimes
23:48:49 TropiusCourier1: <gay werewolves: im sleemp> that was a fun manga
23:56:03 TropiusCourier1: <Pentigan> So, any plans for today or shall I slink into the depths of gaming?
23:56:20 TropiusCourier1: <UmđŸ…±ra> @Izshta @SwiftSeraph @BittersweetNSour @CorvusAtrox post!